Forever Lazy



I absolutely love these… they are defiantly a bit ridiculous but totally worth it! super comfy :slight_smile:


I bought these for the whole family. They are wonderful and we love them!! I, particularly, love the “trap-door” feature as my house is kept really cold and this Lazy keeps me warm ALL the time!!!


I wore one of these as an inner layer while shoveling snow. It kept me quite warm and it had the unexpected bonus of wicking away sweat while I worked. Not bad for a $4 investment!


I’d sure like to see the gray ones they have on their site for the Woot! price!

Got two blue ones and they have made a really nasty Mn winter a bit more tolerable.


For the lazy, read up on these in the Previous Sale

While they may look silly, they are comfy.


In for 10!!! They make great gifts: the kind that everyone really needs, but they just don’t know they need it, and they really don’t need to know they need it, but they do.


I picked these up for myself and my roommates during a wootoff and we all love them.


not a lot of big fans (2.4 out of 5.0) of these over at amazon


My size small arrived today and I am wearing it right this minute…LOVE IT


Got a few at the woot off. For what they do and at this price. Excellent buy for anyone. I’m about 6’4 200lbs and fits me fine.


In for none… I would seriously have to check my sanity and wonder if I needed a hoarders intervention to even consider buying this.


check out the official forever lazy website including a video of one of their commercials.


Checked their site. I’m a medium :frowning:


FWIW, while there are a few not-great reviews on the product itself, most of the worst ones are about the ordering experience directly with the company (hmm - so of course those reviews are posted on the Amazon website).

Scarily I’m tempted by this, I keep my heat on 60 and I’m usually snuggled under a blanket on the sofa.


I invented a new game with my L/XL Forever Lazy: even though I’m 6’5", 215 lbs, there is still plenty of room inside… So why not try to fit as many pets in at once as possible? So far I’m up to three cats and a pug.


Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these are immensely valuable on small boats. Even the most bashful pooper can let one go overboard without shame thanks to the backside zipper.


They run bigger than advertised. I bought a medium for my first one and it was gigantic. I have 5 of these now, (gave away the medium, bought xs/s) and I love them. Highly recommend, especially at this price.

Woot guys: If you had these in pink or any other color, I’d be in for AT LEAST 5 more.


I’m wearing mine right now too, and we’re having a cold spell here in the Pacific Northwest, where it’s a damp cold that gets into your bones. I haven’t been able to get warm all winter, it seems, but tonight I’m finally truly toasty. These are great.


Cloth is thin, entire suit fits like a poorly tailored burlap sack.

But the socks that come with this are AMAZING… the socks alone are worth the $4 pricetag.