Has the creepy look for sure.


If only it could be. Walter forever!

That is more than a little creepy. Especially as a shirt. Looks like some guy trapped under your shirt, skin and veins and stuff. I mean the design itself is really well drawn, it’s just creepy as a shirt.

I don’t get it. It’s supposed to be the guy from Breaking Bad in carbonite?

No… frozen in blue ice, for the sake of purity.

I am unable to read the description without hearing Jesse’s voice in my head.

Cool illustration. Joke is meth…

If you could upgrade to a bigger picture on the front page, it’d really help people appreciate designs like this!

Click the image, select the zoomy tool and you can appreciate the style, the glints of color, all the cool work that’s gone into it. Most people probably just check out the 200 pixel tall version and make up their minds.

Yeah science!!

This is a really sharp design. Wonderfully drawn and pointedly melancholic.

I can hear Crystal Blue Persuasion softly ringing in my head…

Can’t help but think of how weird the ladies might feel about wearing this design, heh heh

sean connery?

I understand approximately 17% of this shirt…and that’s mostly the sleeves and neck opening…

I watched 100% of Breaking Bad. Until I read the description, I had no idea this was supposed to be Walter White. I thought it looked like a homeless guy in carbonite.

A lot of recent woot shirts seem to be “pick a pop culture reference from column A and one from column B”.

Kinda in honor of the Woot-Off, we’ve lowered the price on this shirt today to ten bucks! Peeps who ordered prior to the price change will also get the $10 price, we’ll be emailing y’all shortly.

I’ve fallen for that one before though. The drawings are usually great, unfortunately a lot of times the details just aren’t there on the actual printed shirt.

Same. Breaking Bad is probably my favorite show ever, but all I saw in the picture was a guy frozen in carbonite wearing aviators and a fishing hat, with a giant wart on his chin. I guess he’s supposed to be doing his “You got me” pose, but it just isn’t coming together for me.

@bartlett608, I don’t so much mean the fine details. Just that a bigger image on the front page would give you a better look at the art.

It can be hard to get a sense of what it will look like actual size, and sometimes I think that hurts the appeal.