Forged Steel Gyutou 9.5" Chef's Knife

ALL of these knives look good… many look great with Damascus or triple-clad blades & other very good features. Most of the singly-sold knives (outside of sets) seem to have a pretty good hardness (around 60 on the Rockwell C hardness scale), too.

THEN the darned ad copy says they’re “The PREFECT weight balanced full length handle ARE made of…” (CAPITALIZATION added by me) in this & multiple other knife ad “Features” descriptions in this sale. WHAT does “prefect” mean? Is this a typo? (this is acceptable here… but look at the print copy of any San Francisco Examiner: There are rarely fewer than 3 typos on every printed PAGE of that damned rag. The spelling & grammar errors were so frequent, when I lived in San Francisco, it was difficult to tell the kids to read the paper because it was such a bad example of spelling/proofing! Maybe that explains their low circulation, but I digress). Or, is this a new, or a copyrighted, a trademarked, or an otherwise brand-specific feature not explained in the ad-copy? I DON’T KNOW, but a lot of the other knives in this sale seem to have “The prefect weight balanced full length handle are made…” too. (note, also, the singular vs. plural subject-verb disagreement, but that sounds like classical Chinglish)

So what is it, Woot!?

I have ALL the faith in the wurld in your upcoming prefect reply!

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