Formidable Napa Valley Merlot (4)

Formidable Napa Valley Merlot 4-Pack
Sold by: Outlier Wine Company
$69.99 $186.00 62% off List Price
2012 Formidable Merlot, Napa Valley

this is a flat out screaming deal.

some damn good wine for the price (if i do say so myself).

good guys too.

I first read that as formaldehyde,
and that would not be a good thing.
Too much vino already tonight it seems.

Derek, just visited your site.
Rather terse, information wise.
Looking forward to comments about this one.

I was really pleased with their cab that was up about six weeks ago. I think I’ll be grabbing some of this in the morning.

The cab was awesome. More please! Til then… in for one.

I was really hoping this was the cabernet again, especially since I cannot seem to locate it anywhere else. Guess I will give this a shot as well, hopefully it’s at least half as good as that Cab.

Good morning, rjquillin! This is a new release wine which explains the lack of info online. Happy to provide more for you here and now.

Re: winemaking, this fruit was night harvested by hand, trucked to my winery at 3am, 100% destemmed, fermented in small half ton lots, pressed slightly sweet to French oak barrels and aged for two full years before being gravity racked to tank and bottled…very gentle, minimal handling, just like I employ on my Pinot Noir.

Only 288 cases were produced.

Re: the tech data, following is the wine’s chemistry: 3.57 pH and 6.33 TA…perfectly balanced.

Let me know what else you would like to know about this wine!


Thanks for your kind post, bolligra! Glad you enjoyed my Formidable Cab Sauv. The Napa Merlot is cut from the same cloth, stylistically. Derek

I am working on getting my next bottling of Formidable Cabernet together ASAP, treylunn. In the meantime, enjoy my Formidable Merlot. It’s a great cool-weather wine. Cheers! Derek

Hey jsmith69, I am of course a bit biased but the Formidable Merlot is way more than half as good as the Cabernet.

The Formidable Cab Sauv sold out fast and the Merlot is on its way to selling out fast as well.

Thank you for your purchase…I appreciate it!


Ordered American Pie Merlot on 11/3. Checked tracking today. So far, the wine started in Sonoma, went to Sacramento, then Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri,Illinois and Ohio. Delivery to New York maybe tomorrow. Nothing better than a well traveled wine. Hope none of the FedEx drivers were thirsty.

OK, I’m in. Derek, how long can this be cellared?

I’d like to see some of your PN on Woot in the future!

Last wooter to woot:bolligra

No Illinois? Any options?

“Planes, trains, and automobiles.”

I’d love to purchase this! Sadly, I live in Virginia - so I can’t. GRRRRR

Great! Thank you, bolligra!

The 2012 Formidable Merlot is drinking well now, especially when decanted, and will age well for the next 5 to 10 years.

If you like it fruit-driven, drink it now…if you like a bit more secondary aromas and flavors, give it a few years.

You have four bottles so you could also just drink one each year for the next four years to see it evolve.



Sorry jmdavidson…we’re working to add more ship-to states…some are easier [more wine-friendly] than others.

Sorry sremmie1…appreciate your note and you’ll know just as soon as VA is a ship-to state!

Good enough for me - in.