Forrester's Ranger 1/2 Zip Pullover, 6 Colors

Not for those with a small or even medium torso size. I bought the medium and it’s hilariously huge. I mean, I took it out of the package and held it up and the torso fabric was as wide as a beach towel. I wear a medium in almost every pullover I own, and they tend to be pretty form fitting on me. I’m athletic/fit (5’7", 155lbs, 32in. waist) and a recent gift of a Nike 1/4 zip in medium is so form-fitting it looks like I’m showing off. I could wear this Forrester 1/2 zip over a fall-winter coat and it wouldn’t fit that closely. I’m regifting it to my father who’s about 5’6", 210lbs (all belly).