Fort Ross Vineyard & Winery Sonoma Coast Mixed Red - 3 Pack

Fort Ross Vineyard & Winery Sonoma Coast Mixed Red - 3 Pack
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2 2007 Pinot Noir, Symposium, Fort Ross Vineyard, Sonoma Coast
1 2006 Pinotage, Fort Ross Vineyard, Sonoma Coast
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Very positive review of the 2006 Pinotage here:

Hmmmm. Pinotage, I have heard good things but have never tried it. I may have to go in on this just to give it a try.

I also found a positive review of the 2003 Pinotage.

Also the PinotFile blog noted that the Fort Ross wines overall are balanced and elegant.

The reviews online seem pretty positive!

Tempted to push the button on this since I’ve never had a Pinotage… really wish summer shipping was here to help me get over my hesitation.

Wine Spectator really liked the 2007 Fort Ross Sonoma Coast Fort Ross Vineyard PN, but the one here has a “Symposium” tag. Does anyone know the significance of that?

Update: It looks like Symposium has 4% pinotage, 5% less new oak, and one month less time in the barrel.

I couldn’t resist - I’m in Texas too (Houston) but I decided to risk the heat. I’m looking forward to trying both wines.

According to the PinotFile article, vineyard owners Lester & Linda Schwartz were the first private growers to bring Pinotage cuttings from South Africa. He also says their Pinotage is one of the best examples in the world. I hope they will join the discussion. They sound like an interesting couple!

I’d love to try Pinotage, but I think winebid did me in today :slight_smile:

How close is this winery to Fort Ross, the southernmost 19th-century Russian settlement on the West Coast?

Pinotage…I like it. I find it similar to Carmenere. The first I had was Stormhoeck from South Africa. Go for it. It might be a very pleasant surprise.

In what will surely send many Wooters scrambling for their credit cards, my vague memory of the only Pinotage I’ve ever had (a rather cheap South African) is that it had an overwhelming flavor of bacon, much more prominent and clear than the Syrahs Richard flogs under the label “umami.” And this is apparently somewhat typical of the varietal.

I’d love to see the pH and TA numbers for the Pinotage!

I have been watching wine.woot for over a year. I don’t know a ton about wine, but I have a small cellar with maybe 80 bottles. I found Fort Ross back in 2005, and this is a great wine. Very nice people as well. It usually is $37-$46 per bottle. This is a great price. I just ordered 2 (6 bottles).

This may be the first Pinotage on wine woot. I asked for some a while back, as it’s an interesting grape, developed in South Africa as a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Wikipedia here.
It’s very frequently blended with Cabernet Sauvignon in South Africa, so I’m surprised by its pairing with one its much lighter parent here! Pinotage can be overwhelming for some, hence the tendency to blend with Cabernet for a friendly fruit-forward cassis-bramble-tea hefty beast.

I haven’t had one for a decade or so but I remember loving their hugeness and heft, without great or bitter tannins!
Some people, including wikipedia contribs, are a bit snotty about it, but I’ve never tasted any of the banana or other flavours they complain about, so I’d ignore those negative overtones.

Fort Ross Pinots Noirs have been a lot on other closeout sites in the past month or two. Not sure about adding big wines like Syrah, port or Pinotage to PN though… so this will be interesting, if not pure. Scott Harvey Mountain Selection lovers may like it, as an “enhanced” wine, maybe, as long as you’re not looking for the pire expression of the 100%. Review on Pinotfile was good for this one too though.
IMHO the Pinotage will be the most interesting here!

These are both $30/bottle on their website (before shipping).

Hi there - I am with Fort Ross Vineyard. We are about 2 miles south of the historical fort and 1 mile east as the fort sits right on the ocean. In fact, we are very excited about all of the bicentennial celebrations that will be taking place during the coming year.

The 2007 Symposium Pinot Noir has a beautiful velvety texture with more spice notes than the main 2007 Pinot Noir bottling. With the 4% Pinotage added it can take longer to reach maturity and after this extended cellaring we will be sending it off for review. It is now drinking beautifully. The 2007 vintage for Pinot on the Sonoma Coast was spectacular.
All of the wines we produce use only estate grown grapes from the single Fort Ross Vineyard.