Forum is broken

I was randomly signed out on the forums. When I clicked the log-in button, it took me to my account page, meaning I was signed in. I could not interact with the forums, as if I was logged out.

Logging out and back in doesn’t help. Regular (non-prime) sign in allows me to post.

Good luck untangling this spaghetti code.

It’s cause you bumped a BOC post earlier. I told you the voodoo was gonna happen.

Edge broke too after a while. I had to delete my cookies to use the forum.

Also there is a separate issue with the app. Sometimes the back button stops working and I can’t use the forums until I close the app.

Same here. The iOS Woot! app keeps telling me to “sign in“ even though the link I just clicked on was on a page showing that I was signed in.

Also, what the hell happened to our QUALITY POST COUNTS?!? :-/

LOL - TT used to do that all manually, and only like 10 people cared. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback on the app, we’ll take a look!

Hey all. Looks like the did some playing around. Try deleting Woot & Amazon cookies. That should fix you up.