Forum Maintenance rescheduled for 11/9 1am CST - [COMPLETE!]


Hi there. The company we hired is going to continue the merge of the old forums over here. To do that, they need turn the forums to read-only so we don’t lose new posts.

The work should be completed before midnight.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Post ALL the things… before 8pm CST tonight.



When I was on earlier, the forums were already in read-only mode. :thinking:


Would you perhaps mean 8pm? :wink:


Yes. Sigh. The company doing the conversion and merge thought a 1 hour waning at 3am was sufficient.

We have a better plan now


Ah. Yes. Fixed.




Update to the update. The engineer had a power outage happen right as he started working again this evening. Everything is postponed until

November 9 at 1 am CST



This is like a home remodeling project that never ends. Poor you! :cry:


That analogy is incredibly apt. They have a good product, and it is nice to see a company that’s even scrappier than us. :slight_smile:


A bunch of old forum posts just showed up. I started tearing up when I read some of them, especially the one where Woot sent me that mystery box of mystery a year or two ago and all the nice things people wrote. It’s really good to see that stuff again.


Yep. Looks like Discourse finally got the old posts to port over. Welcome to Memory Lane!


I hope this means the new topics don’t go to the wayside. I need to figure out how to find these “old” threads I never participated in when I was a lurker.