Forums/app crashing

Is anyone having a problem with autofill when typing in the forums on iOS and the whole woot app crashes? It happend 4 times while I was trying to type a reply and hit autofill

Yeah, same issue here

iPhone 8 Plus
iOS 13.1.1
Woot App version

@Williamdavi. Hi there. Could you give me the same info as above?

And give me steps to recreate? Thank you!

It occurrs intermittently when using autocorrect/auto complete both from the keyboard

And from the pop up

It may crash the app one time and when you try the same word again, no issues.

For example, I was able to generate a crash by typing “Examp” and hitting “Example” above the keyboard

However, I was not able to replicate this. When I did it a second (and third - tenth) time, no issue.

iOS 13.1.2
iPhone 8

When I go to click on the autofill when typing a reply as @mydearWootson noted above the app crashes most times. It crashed when I was typing this too

Another question. Does it crash in any other app? Could you try adding a review or question on Amazon, for example.

I couldn’t get it to crash on my phone last night. I don’t have it with me today to do more testing.

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Here’s a comment that I misspelt and I just posted ok

Another example example

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy BOC


Hi there again. As you can see, we’re testing here and not crashing. Could you please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

Looks like it is ok now but I’ll keep checking to make sure

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No crashes since reinstall in limited trials

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Bad news, the crashes are back. This time on the word quarantine (see October Crap post)

Testing quarantine example frost first

Yeah, I can’t get it to crash. I’ll ask some others to test as well.

I’ve done searches for iOS 13 autocorrect crashes on Google & Discourse and found nothing.

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not a big deal, it’s intermittent and the autosave feature keeps the draft post in tact.

Testing the new blink and the new app will work for you.

Crash a few times and then I gotta was just like that one.