Forums/app crashing

Hmmmmm. I still think it’s an Apple problem.

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Just start blaming all of woot’s problems on Apple.

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Crashed again just now

Just crashed 2 more times. AHHHHHHH

Tell you what TT…I’m locked into an iPhone for work so I’ve been all IOS, all the time since I traded in my Palm Pre (webOS rules!) for an IPhone 4. I’d be more than happy to try out the Android App to test your theory if you send me one of those S and D Pixels you have from time to time. (Better make it a 3 or 3XL so we get a good test with Android 10)

I’ll await a test device and will report back.


@ThunderThighs, Offer stands

Also, unfortunately some or the autocorrect crashes are back


They never left for me

Crashed 4 times yesterday

And twice today

Fix the damn crashing @ThunderThighs and @davejlives. If you’ve sobered up you can help. I’m sure you haven’t though

There’s only two of you that have reported this and we haven’t been able to duplicate it. :\

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Damn! Just burn the app and start over

Hear that? We’re “special!”

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My app has not been not working just fine. Happy?


I swear to woot Jesus if someone doesn’t fix the damn app I’m going to send you 100000 copies of friends season 1 for the warehouse

Developer and I both tried to reproduce it with no luck. The suggestion is to update to iOS 13.2 and see if that solves it. Do you have any weird text add-ons or apps?

No, just when I misspell a word and click this bar here the app crashes every few times that I click it.

Usually if I am typing sort of fast

My app works fine, but not as good as the website.

Is the app broke for anyone else today? I’ve tried the usual fixes and it still gets stuck on opening.

Samsung Note 9
Android 9
Everything up to date.

For most of the day mine was and still is broken.
Samsung S8

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