Forums being weirder than they normally are

After I scroll down and click into a forum post on the app I read it and then click out. It then takes me to a different place either up or down the list of posts instead of right back to the post I was just on. Does anyone else have this problem?

Oh that? That’s just Woot-O-Lantern having a bit of a post Halloween haunting

But yes, I’ve been expecting a bit more forum “charm” then usual lately (though the autocorrect crashes are far less common)

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I think our apps are possessed. @ThunderThighs help

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I’m having trouble understanding what you’re describing. Could you maybe give me step by step to reproduce?

  1. scroll down to a post in the forums farther than the top 10 posts
  2. click on the post
  3. hit the back arrow
  4. see where the screen takes you because it certainly won’t be near the post you just clicked off of

The < ?
That’s to go back a page. It’s taking me to the home page which is where I started.

Am I missing something?

Yes. It used to just go back to where I was in the forums before I clicked on the post. Now it just restarts and I have to scroll all the way back down or up again

Forums being weird?

The forums have always been weird…


er? Did you mean weird-er?

Fixed it

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