Foscam 720p H.264 Wireless IP Camera

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Foscam 720p H.264 Wireless IP Camera
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Comments from a previous sale

Can I mount this to a tree? No seriously. We have a major drug problem where deals are made here at the end of the street. Would love to provide the police with some evidence so we can get it cleaned up.

I’ve got three of these cameras. We use them when we’re not home to monitor various parts of the house. While it won’t do any good if we ever saw a crook inside, we could at least take a picture of the scum-bag and give it to the cops to help them catch 'em. (in between revenue generation and donut shop stops of course…:wink: )

Anyway, these have worked really well for us. Couple important things though: 1) follow set up directions very carefully, and step by step. Others have reported the setup is impossible, hard, etc. BUT if you take your time, and play around a bit, you’ll be rewarded with a great gadget. 2) Change the admin account name and password! There is a site in russia that lists thousands of these you can access on the default account name/pw. Don’t let the rest of the world see ya in your tighty whities!!

The camera works great. Night vision is good, and gives you a grainy, but acceptable view. There are several apps for the idevice world, don’t know about the android. We paid between $70 and $90 for ours, so this is a pretty good price.

Keep in mind when comparing prices that there are two versions of this model, V1 / V2 (V1 usually omitted). According to the woot description this is a V2.

I own one of both, I use them as motion detection security cameras. The V1 worked great for about 1-1.5 yrs, but just recently has developed issues I haven’t been able to narrow down or fix - the motion detection is very unreliable, seemly moreso on WiFi than wired.

The V2 has worked pretty much flawlessly since day 1, but I’ve only had that one for maybe half a year. I’m fairly technically capable though, they may not be that approachable to those that are unfamiliar.

You’re actually able to send HTTP commands to enable/disable the motion detection (I imagine a number of IP cameras can do this, though, I have not looked) - this in combination with Tasker on Android allows me to have the motion detection turned on/off based on whether I’m on my WiFi, or at certain times. It’s pretty nifty. Though not very secure.

They are not outdoor cameras. They have outdoor models too. I guess it’s possible if it were shielded from the elements that it might work OK, but you’d be better off buying one intended for it.

This appears to be a spitting image of some of Dlink’s offerings at a more attractive price point. Dlink offers an online site as well as apps for iOS and Android to monitor and control the cams in addition to their ‘Smartplugs’. Just wondering if these might be compatible with Dlink software to control everything in one place.

When I do the snowbird thing I use the cams to monitor my sump pump and entries and the Smartplugs to monitor temps to know if the furnace goes belly up.

This camera would die outdoors. But there’s also the challenge of getting power to it. Also, you’d have to mount the camera to a horizontal branch either on top or below it, because the camera can only be mounted horizontally. If you mount it to a vertical surface it’ll give you some weird camera angles. There are other cameras that would do better with this. This one, for example: (it’s powered over ethernet, and can be mounted at any angle).

The Foscams are not the same camera at all. They look KINDA similar but not really. I was also surprised that D-Link seems to be hiding the resolution of their cameras, and for good reason, from what I can tell they only go up to 640x480. This Foscam is HD and gives a really nice picture.

I have this same camera, and I set it up as a baby monitor in addition to my audio-only monitor. I like it for the pan/tilt features, and the picture quality is quite good.

The one knock I’d give it is that you can’t put this thing in a corner and capture the entire room. The viewing angle is limited to about 70 degrees. That’s fine for most people, especially if you don’t need to worry about two entrances to a room. I just thought I’d mention it.

Otherwise I agree with the comments of all the other owners of this camera. It’s a very good cam, this price is more than $20 lower than most places, and you absolutely have to change the admin password when you set it up, but that’s not hard.

I have 2 of them and thinking of buying at least one more. This is a great price! I paid $80 each for mine and they’ve worked out great! My only complaint is that the motion detection is way too sensitive at even the lowest setting. IT captures, people walking across the street, shadows for the trees moving in the wind, car headlights reflecting on the road and even squirrels walking in my pathway. Other than that, it’s been a solid investment on piece of mind when we’re traveling. Picture quality is pretty good, night vision is great, remote viewing and configuration works great. One thing I did notice is the foscam app for Android seems to do a lot more than the ios version. My friend has it on his iPhone 6+ but can’t access some of the settings; haven’t tried any other 3rd party camera apps like Blue Iris so can’t comment on that.

Blue Iris software for controlling multiple cameras $40± and cellphone app. app costs like $10, I think you can run the app on multiple devices with the same google play account for the $10. I think you can configure the cameras to do the same thing without the Blue Iris software.

Foscam now offers a cloud recording service.

Around 2:00 of this video gives a good idea of the angle vs previous versions.

I bought a F18916w here last year and the camera locks up for a living when the sun is out. Unless you turn the camera settings down to no color and looks like your looking thru fog.
I put the camera up and forgot about it until the last two month of warranty left. Got the camera out and looked up the issue. Turns out the cameras were all made that way. I emailed Foscam and I was dead to them, not one reply.

Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me…

How long is the power cord for this unit?

been waiting for this on woot. My friend raves about his foscam’s he has at his house.

no white color option? only black for sale?

I bought four of these cameras in the past year, most from Amazon, and while the video quality, IR function, and software are all great, my big beef is with the built-in microphone and audio pickup capabilities. All four of my cameras have very low volume audio pickup, and the software does not include an audio trigger to start recording video. And when you do get a motion-activated video to record, it comes with no audio. I’ve been trying to get answers from Foscam about this, but they are non-responsive; the user community doesn’t have any answers either.

So, if you’re going to use this camera as a baby monitor, be aware that audio monitoring is practically non-existent on this camera.

For simply viewing the cam (and controlling the pan/tilt and mic stuff) I am using IPCam remote which is a free app at the play store. It allows you to record the cam you are viewing on your remote device, but does not record all channels all the time. I think blueiris you can set up on a pc to record all the time and then access those recordings remotely or the blueiris pc remotely. I haven’t delved that deeply into it tho. for just checking and the occasional record, the ipcam remote fills the bill nicely for me.