Foscam H.264 960p Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera

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Foscam H.264 960p Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera
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Time to check out the product page and check out this review over at cnet


Hmmm… How badly do I need to spy on my dog sleeping on the couch?

I have one of these. Out of the box, it wouldn’t initialize properly - it was stuck during the part where it tried to move through all its range. I gently helped it along, and it has been working fine since then. Color and clarity is great. 3x zoom is not much, but at least it is optical zoom for not much money, worth it. If you don’t turn on the IR at night, it goes into slow shutter that gives a clear picture, but does not capture motion well, and camera control also becomes very sluggish.

Overall, great camera. I bought mine directly from Foscam.

Price, not so great. Seems Walmart carries the entire FOSCAM line, cheaper.

[MOD: Not the same item. See Walsh’s post below]

Thanks for the vid! Very helpful.
I was intrigued by your lock up problem. I can’t tell what browser you are using (Safari?) but it seems like a browser issue. I would try this on another browser if possible and even a windows system to see if you have the same issue.

I am the developer of INetAlertView which I created 10 years ago. I have an Apex cam similar to this without zoom. My INetAlertView program requires a vid capture card or webcam on a computer to work but can be used with better quality cameras and wireless extensions for extending the range beyond wifi ranges.

The problem I have with my Apex is that the night mode LED does not fully turn off during daylight and thus the color is washed out (or grayish green) at certain outdoor lighting levels.
So I am curious if this one does this also.

Also I agree that the [measly 3x] zoom is not worth twice the price of similar cams without it. ($50-60)

I got my apex for $50 on a deal-a-day sight and that is about the best price for these types of things.

I would be interested in knowing which one of these cheap pan/tilt cams has the best video and night vision.

Apparently badly enough you bought the 1080 a while back if you’re me :slight_smile: In all fairness, I thought they led exciting lives while I was at work. I was wrong; they, as you said, sleep on the couch.

Wrong item number on the Walmart look up. The item on woot is the FI9826P, P standing for plug and play. Walmart, like Amazon charges $199. The model you have a link to is the FI9826W, which is a cheaper model.

Thanks for saving me the time to research if it was the right item! :happy:

Does anyone know if the plug and play feature is worth the extra expense? I am not planning using foscam’s software so I don’t think there is any added value for me personally. I would like to hook it up to my Synology NAS. Anyone with experience with this please comment.

The best answer I could find is from amazon comments. In for two.

What is the difference between the plug and play vs. standard?

The plug and play camera has a wps button to link the camera to a router that has a wps button.

Its listed on the supported device list for Synology at

Anyone know if this can record the audio along with the video or is the mic just there for 2-way communication?

From an Amazon description of another Foscam camera:

…one of Foscam’ s “Plug & Play” cameras featuring the ability to connect via smartphone by simply scanning the QR code on the underside of the camera for 60 second easy setup.

Thanks. It is supported, but so is the cheaper W model without plug and play. The price drop makes it cheaper than the W model now so it makes sense to go in for this one.

isn’t WPS wildly insecure though? As in never enable it?

That’s correct.