Foscam H.264 960p Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera

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Foscam H.264 960p Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera
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4/24/2015 - $159.99 - Click To See Discussion (18 comments)

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The picture of the back of the white one shows a micro SD card slot but the black one does not. Which is it?

[MOD: They have the MicroSD slot. Incorrect photo removed.]

I’d be concerned that the 3.5 stars this product has over at Amazon seems to be built on a strong foundation of obviously fake reviews following a template (so and so from Foscam helped me, 5 stars).

Which, if you think about it, is a weird way to fake your stars since it leaves the impression nearly everyone who bought one needed to call tech support.

I have 2 of a similar, but older model. They’re OK, but not great. They perform a lot better over wired ethernet than they do over wireless. Additionally, I have one of these on a (covered) porch, and the infrared really attracts a lot of insects. If you try to use the motion detection alarm feature, expect to get 20 or 30 pictures a night of moths that flew close to the lens.

I have one. It works fine over a wired connection, but the wireless has never been reliable. I finally gave up on it and leave it connected to my router. It pans very nicely and has a decent picture both in night vision and regular daylight.

$80+ is about $25+ too much.

These are not good and you will not be happy with it. I have one and will never buy another. The WIFI connection is poor (when it works). When panning more than a tiny bit the picture goes black. The WIFI connectivity is off and on. Sometimes it refuses logins or never resolves. You cant use chrome browser since the plugin doesn’t work. I could go on but what’s the point. This is a very poor product.

I’ve had one of these plugged up to ethernet in my living room for almost a year now. I set the motion detection recording for when we’re at work. It sends me an email with 3 stills if motion is detected. Not perfect, because I’ve had some emails when the light changes quickly from outside, but it works and you can adjust sensitivity. The sound isn’t too impressive. The local recording to SD card is nice, but to access it (actual files)over my LAN I have to turn off my windows firewall on my old XP laptop. I can remote view while I’m at work too. I wouldn’t recommend going with anything less than HD for the video. I got mine to mainly complement my security system, and it’s been nice to have and does everything for free without any monthly fee.

Can these be used outside?

These are not made for outside use, but I have heard some putting them under a covered porch that’s protected from the weather and they said it works great.So your mileage my very.

Word of caution for those who are used to the easy HTML access to the cameras. It looks like this new camera requires a plugin to be installed to be able to see the HD video. If you ask me, having to install anything hinders your ability to pull your video from any location you might be at. Additionally, it appears that you need a special Foscam mobile app to access your camera. So if you already have a third party app such as TinyCam on your phone to manage your videos, you might not be able to use the new camera… I am writing this based on the following review and comments:

Yes, I had to install a plug-in for my browser, but it was easy. I also use the Foscam app on my Android phone. It works great so I haven’t had the need to try other apps.

They have the MicroSD slot. Incorrect photo removed.

Price on Amazon with Prime is slightly cheaper plus no shipping.

Is that the same model?

Nope, that’s the 720p model, this one is slightly higer 920p resolution. I have the 720p version and it’s quality is actually quite good for what I’m using it for (baby monitor). I’m tempted to pick up this one for monitoring my front door.

If you do get one of these I cannot stress enough how important it is to set an admin password, these are very easy to get into without this pass and its very common to find videos online of this product being exploited.

Thanks! I didn’t catch that.

Can this be used with my Android phone while vacationing out of state?