Foscam H.264 960p Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera

Yes, I use the Android Foscam app to view my camera. I’ve used the software on my computer too to check in on my house while on vacation.
Using a Samsung Galaxy S3

Is this better than the Pyle Pipcam8 Woot had on here a while back for $69?

I see a lot of people unhappy with the wireless performance - is there a suggestion for a better camera similar to this price point?

I bought the FI8910W, exactly 2 years ago. In the beginning, wireless worked flawlessly. Starting 6 months ago, most of the time I can’t connect, and when I do connect, the connection drops out after 20-30 minutes. I use the camera as a baby monitor, and watch the stream on an ipad and an HP android all-in-one, and it’s bad on both. The camera and the apps always had a poor UI, and were annoying to set up. I did change the admin password, and the camera port, but it’s been a pain to use overall.

I purchased one of these last go-around. We have a disabled son who needs to be constantly monitored, this does the job well in light and dark; my only complaints are that the audio is low, both listening and sending (though there are speaker/mic connections that I’m not using) Wireless set up worked the first time, have not had a problem with it since, FWIW.

I have two of these. They bioth work great. Those who claim that its wireless connection is not reliable might want to blame their routers or home network configuration. Both of mine work perfectly fine with no down time. In the event of electricity outage, they automatically reconnect after power is restored.

I do this. I have had one outside for around 4 years with no problem. It’s protected from direct water exposure, but survived Georgia humidity for that long. It’s still on.

I have 5 Foscam cameras around the house, and except one that suddenly developed an issue with wireless connection, every one is still working. The one with no wireless connection is connected via ethernet and is working well.

Doesn’t work. Wasted an entire day and three calls to tech support. Could only get a camera to work if plugged into the router. This is NOT and Plug and Play product wireless product. Almost seems like factory rejects or maybe a knock off product. Instruction manual directions to do not work. HUGE waste of time and money

To answer my own question and for others future reference.

I’ve been using this for a week now. Wireless set up was amazingly easy. Download the app on my phone, scan the code on the back, enter home wifi password - and I was up and running.

I’ve had no wifi connectivity issues.

1000 times better than the Pyle cam I bought! Set up way easier, connectivity a lot, lot better, picture quality and iPhone app much better and build quality looks a lot better.