Foscam Indoor HD 720p Wireless IP Camera - 2 Pack

too costly for me right now, but I could see this as being a useful front door interface, keep a cheap tablet linked to it near the front door and be able to talk with as well as see who is at the door.
At least, that’s what I gather from the specs listed here

Check out the product page

Reviews over at The Home Depot

If you only want one, GroupOn has one for $55 right now.

They set up the same as other Foscam cameras (pain in the rear if you haven’t done it before). I own two of them and they are pretty decent cameras for the price.

anyone know if these will work with the Asustor NAS? It’s not on their “official” list…

I have two of these! you’ll see a lot of people talk bad about them for some reason my guess is they don’t actually own them but had heard from a friend of a friend that they suck.

My personal experience is they’re pretty darn rad.

They have built in motion and sound detection with variable sensitivity. When something triggers the alert it will instantly send a notification to your phone.

you can set it up to also email you 3 snap shots of what alerted the camera.

Will also do video recording via FTP or Micro SD card.

The app while some issues works pretty great from anywhere you find yourself.

You can change night vision, listen to whats going on, speak through your phone so anyone can hear you inside the home.

also has a variable HD setting for smoothness or clarity.

helps if you put it on an open port of its own.

just nice and affordable for a little peace of mind.

It should work with any NAS that uses the right protocols. I think I will be in for a set to setup on my QNAP TurboNAS using FTP.

If you look at the reviews over on the mothership ( you can see that a few people got them to work with different NAS options. May take some tech skills to figure out though as one reviewer found no native support.

Am I reading the info correctly? You can record the video on your PC via wifi? Also, can you set it to record only upon motion detection? thx

Yes. I do this currently with 4 indoor cameras and Genius vision application (free). I use an i5 NUC as the PC and feel it is a little light for the task. I actually prefer the 720p version of the cameras(vs the 960p) since it consumes less bandwidth and computing power. I also prefer the C1 over the other models because of the field of vision. This one has 115 degrees vs 70 on their other indoor cameras.

Does anyone know if this camera would be powerful/good enough to shoot through a window onto the front porch? Or if not could it be set outside if it’s shielded from the elements under a porch awning?

Why does every picture of every electronic thing for sale on the internet not have the chord shown?

I’ve tried with other cameras and the IR illuminator doesn’t generally shine through windows very well–the windows are more opaque in the IR range, so you get little besides reflected “light” off the window. It will work for you for a while outside under cover, but eventually the moisture will most likely get to the electronics and/or the optics. The more protected, the longer it will last, but I’d expect it to be measured in months in any case.

So, just to clarify, these need a power cord? Or can they run off a battery? thanks

Here’s the manual. Looks like it uses an AC adapter to a wall plug.

I don’t have them, but since it has the following in the specs, I’m going to say, yes they need power.

•Number of Batteries Supported: No
•Battery Size Supported: No

In The Box:
•(2) C1 IP Camera
•(2) Power Supply
•(2) USB Cable

These require a power cord. They do not have a battery. The power cord is MicroUSB (the same as most smartphones these days).

These cameras have a fantastic field of view… very wide angle lens compared to most IP cameras. Certainly better than anything in this price range.

I have three of them and they work quite well. Earlier comments about the IR causing problems when using them in a window are correct. That said, I DO have one in a window, I just have the IR set to manual mode and leave it turned off. Of course this means the camera isn’t going to see anything at night but I have actual outdoor IR cameras set up in the areas where that is important.

One thing to be aware of is that Foscam has very low reliability and incredibly poor support. I purchased two of these just last week and one of the two was DOA. Luckily I was able to just exchange it at the store because their RMA support is terrible.

I have other Foscam cameras and I’ve had to have one of them replaced 3 times. The first time, it suddenly started displaying a purple image. The replacement camera they sent had a blurry image. When I contacted their support team to get another RMA, suddenly they lost the ability to understand English. The receipt for the camera included several other items including a Foscam “dummy” camera and the support reps kept saying that they couldn’t accept the proof of purchase because it was for a dummy camera. I finally had to send them an additional copy of the receipt with a giant arrow pointing the the line item for the REAL camera… and even then they had to escalate to a supervisor to get an ‘exception’ or something. When they finally sent a replacement for that one, it just didn’t work. The web interface worked but it would never display an image so now I’m waiting for yet another RMA from them.

So, bottom line… these Foscam C1 cameras are a great bargain for indoors as long as they actually work. I would avoid any other Foscam products, though.

Oh, some additional information if anyone is curious:

I use these with the Blue Iris software package. BI has support for this model built-in so setup is easy.

Someone else mentioned that Groupon has these for $55 if you’re only looking to buy one. The ones I have right now were purchased from a Microcenter retail store which sells them for $59.99.

As I mentioned, they use Micro USB for power… I should have also clarified that they DO come with the cord and an AC adapter.

WiFi performance is good, too.

uses a detachable usb wall plug and cord, included. Same as any samsung phone.