Foscam Outdoor Wireless IP Camera

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Let’s watch a thorough overview [youtube=qCaJbzOLn9k][/youtube]

Very useful video, thank you.

How many can I have connected on a single network? In both wired/wireless configurations.

you have to run power line anyway, right ? wireless is a joke.

looking at the picture on the video, it looks like 9 cameras

After owning and setting up numerous Foscam cameras, I would suggest this one. Although it isn’t their top-of-the line camera, it will do will to a range of about 50ft, even in low-light. Wireless works pretty well, I’ve had some weird things happen and had to reset the cameras, but nothing to make me throw them away. The only thing I dislike about them is their recording setup. I currently have mine configured to record to an FTP server, but it records .jpg images, not videos. So, as I have it configured, it will trigger with motion and record 1 frame/second for at least 5 seconds.

Now, as far as wiring goes, it includes a RJ45 (Ethernet) jack (but I prefer wireless), and a power socket. Foscam sells extensions to the power adaptor, so reaching a power outlet hasn’t been an issue.
Lastly, the interface is a little clunky and the English is a little off in most menus(be sure to update the firmware from the US site), but you can get a wide range of uses from this camera.

Overall, I give the camera a 4/5, could use a little more recording features, lacks the wide-angle lens of their higher-end models.

You can view up to 9 on the same page. (through the ActiveX viewing method, there is the ability to view a 3x3 array of cameras, configured under the “Multi-Device” setting.) In theory, you could have as many as your network will support, but they can take down cheap wireless routers with a large amount of bandwidth.

I just looked at and the Foscam company will NOT !! give FREE Tech Support UNLESS you Buy the Foscan DIRECTLY from FOSCAM.COM !!

I think that says this company SUCKS BIG time and that is the Reason I will NOT Ever Buy anything made by FOSCAM .

I really hate it when a Company like Foscam is TOOOO GREEDY !!

“A thorough overview”?
Really? I can find out everything stated in that “overview” except for the important things like examples of video quality, actual wireless distance, night vision video examples, etc… So when I see a “overview” such as that one, I get a rundown on the features that I too could simply read about on the manufacturers website or on the outside of the box. That “overview” is nothing but a 7 minute commercial. Short video examples would make a good overview.

I just had a security system installed last week from I paid $499 including installation for a similar outdoor camera. Their camera is branded with their logo, so its hard to tell if its the same as this one. That said, I want to include another camera for the front on the network. Does anyone know if this will mesh with the system I have?

Why don’t you find a better video review then,we’ll wait.

I hope they get a version that has at least 720p.

He should have had his wife do this video, since apparently she’s just “lounging around” all day.

For those unaware, woot just started a Foscam woot plus event off the original/main woot page, which has a variety of other offerings from the company, including 3 additional outdoor cameras.

Security camera systems are a real challenge - thank you Woot for not OD’ing on those crappy $299-499 four-eight camera systems they sell at the warehouse clubs. I had a Samsung system and it showed you there was movement but not much else… before dieing after about 18 months.

Really decent systems run in the thousands, but these IP camera systems are getting a lot better. This one looks OK for the price but I wonder what the night performance is like and it needs to be bumped up in resolution.

Note that if you want to record, you must have a PC up and running 7x24, with lots of hard drive space. Also, if you want to view remotely from your house, you typicaly need to punch holes (not physical holes!) in your Internet router to allow the traffic.

Bottom line: tempting if you want to get your feet wet with IP cameras and only need close range day vision.

BTW, that picture on the front page is deceptive since while this is a wifi camera, it does need a power wire.

Edit: if you want to improve reliability and prevent trashing your wireless bandwidth, go with wired IP cameras, some of them can even get their power via the LAN connection (PoE).

Hey Woot, I am a little confused here. The picture you show on the main page includes a bracket that comes with the Foscam FI8906W but you are selling the FI8905W. The FI8905W comes with a cheaply made mounting bracket. You can see the difference here -

So which one is it, you selling the FI8906W or the inferior FI8905W?

I’m in the market for the FI8906W.

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I’m going to disagree with the above poster who gave this a 4/5. I give it a 2/5 because image quality is good but the wireless cards are not robust enough to put up with extended use. They drop like crazy. If you are willing to run ethernet - this is an excellent outdoor camera.

To give a little more detail: They can record video if you are using the older version of the firmware, you leave a computer internet browser on the camera 24/7, and you have a spot defined within the GUI.

They CANNOT record video over IP unless you are actively logged into the camera. The best they can do is email a FTP server a still image when motion capture is enabled at predefined intervals.

The good about these cameras: great night vision capability. Easy to use GUI, but the feature let you down (read the above paragraph). Is very well constructed to beat the elements.

The bad about these cameras: The wireless cards on these are junk and drop often, making their surveillance ability pretty pathetic. The newer firmware doesn’t support video recording (likely because the wireless cards are junk and it is hard to transmit all that date).

I had two and returned them both. The above is mostly a repost from the other woot event but I wanted to be specific since I actually used the very same model as featured in this woot.

I have a different Foscam camera I use inside and I have never had a problem. I bought this outside camera and it worked pretty well for awhile. DO NOT be fooled with the description “Outdoor”. The first rain I had the camera filled with water. This screwed up the picture and the night vision. Took it apart and dried it out. Tried to seal any and all cracks but filled with water again. Went in the trash. Buyer beware if you plan to put this outside.