Foscam Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera

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Foscam Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera
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I bought one of these on a previous Woot! a long time back, and it’s been working as advertised the whole time, but I only use it when I’m traveling to keep an eye on things and generally checking on my house when away.

It’s low resolution, so it’s probably not the best for any detailed ID or anything, but it does allow for pan and tilt viewing indoors, and you can hear the audio (the two-way audio works, but with a delay, so not good for a conversation).

It supports a mobile mode, which is handy because it doesn’t require a special app and still works through http. Overall I’m pretty happy with it, for what it is. It’s not easy to use as a security cam to record things, but works well for checking in on things from afar.

Go at least 720p or go home, Woot. Ebay has these things for less.

I have a bunch of these, purchased through various means. They are OK. I’ve had 1 of 3 start rebooting for no particular reason; it was replaced under warranty and the replacement started failing again in the same way about a year later.

The warranty is kind of annoying: have to ship the broken unit to them, and pay return shipping for a non-broken unit (their web site says it’s usually $7).

It works well for my use case: I wanted something cheap that would let me see around a room on demand (using my phone). Just don’t expect high quality for the price.

Terrible price. I just picked up 3 FW9821 (720p) for 44 each from Meh a couple days ago.

I got two of these in January of 2013, and while they’re kind of old now (640x480@30FPS max), they can still provide a fairly clear picture.

Build-wise they seem to have pretty good build quality by all intents, considering they’re primarily designed to be indoor cameras, I’ve had my two outside from the day I got them (out of direct weather contact however, against the middle of the walls under a porch) and they’re still both going strong despite surviving two Pennsylvania winters.

While foscam doesn’t really have any decent native software for these kind of cameras to record over wireless, it’s worth noting something like VitaminC (or it’s new name of Sighthound) will record based on motion action.

However with that all said, price wise, does seem the price is a bit steep seeing as when I got them in 2013 they were already kinda aged and were otherwise the same price then.

TL;DR: Good cameras, good build quality, but price is high compared to other places (as already noted).

I picked up 2 from meh, it was more like 3 weeks ago. Shame on you woot for selling inferior product for higher price.


I’ve owned one for years. I have an attached garage 130 feet from my residence and I use this camera for security. It runs 24/7 and records straight to the hard drive of my computer here inside the house. The night vision is the bomb. Highly recommend.

Well, at least the specifications are accurate.

“Resolution: No”

This is a terrible price, I paid about $25 for mine off Daily Steals. It works great BUT if you lose wifi signal for any reason, these things will default “home” and it appears “home” is my couch while I’m watching pr0n. Needless to say my gmail account sent me some really nice pictures for the girlfriend.

Buyer beware…Foscam’s last four letters in their name speaks volumes. Bought some cameras off Woot a couple of years ago and needed extension cables. What FoSCAM sold me wouldn’t fit. When I tried to return them, I was told all sales were final. Their instructions are written by someone whose native language isn’t English, so interpreting the instructions can be a challenge.

NOT good for a security system. I bought one of these a while back here on woot. I never have gotten it to work properly to record even though I have done everything it said to do. I did call the help line and someone from Foscam went into my computer to set it up. The setup for me was insanely complicated. I have not been very happy with the system as a whole. I wanted something to keep an eye on things while I wasn’t home but I can only use it to look into things myself while away and who wants to stare at an empty room on their phone the whole time they are out doing something else?
Do not recommend unless you just need a baby cam to look into another room while your there. Woot would not take this back, I tried to return it to them but they said “no”. :frowning:

I have a couple of these, from woot, and am quite happy with them. If you want higher res - go for it. res=bandwidth though, depending on what you are doing and how you are doing it remotely, that is not always a good thing.

They must be talking about this place.

I would suggest a model that has a slot for memory card.

I have two of these and you’re really taking a gamble. Customer service is absolutely terrible - no native english speakers. Same for the setup instructions. The software and phone apps are pretty spotty. If you lose power or move/unplug them, sometimes they lose their settings - sometimes. It can be frustrating.

As long as they’re working, they work very well. But as soon as something goes wrong, it gets pretty infuriating.