Foscam Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera

**Item: **Foscam Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera
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7/23/2013 - $69.99 - 88 comment(s)

I got 2 of these last time. So far I’m loving them for the price. I use ipcam viewer pro on my android phone via 3g/LTE/WiFi and have had zero issues but it will not let me transmit voice to camera, not sure if camera issue or app issue but I really don’t care. Now I need outside versions…help me woot!

Don’t really need more indoor ones but I think I may buy more of these anyways lol

Got one of these last week, great little camera. Setup took <5 minutes for in-house use, and then ~10 minutes more for DynDNS/No-ip setup.

Only negative I’ve noticed so far is the mobile client version when using with my phone or ipad, the tilt/pan control buttons don’t respond that good. On PC/real browser the controls are fine.

Let’s watch this in action [youtube=mBvYOs4hlL8][/youtube]

Some additional info and a video can be found over at

I can’t find any mention of a lag time on this camera and I assume it has one with the time between it captures something to the time you see it on your screen. Obviously it depends on how good of a connection you have but does anyone have any experience with these cameras who can address that?

Excellent reviews on Amazon.
A reviewer mentioned seeing light flicker through the base of their white one so I’ll be getting black.

I have this and it works like a charm. Images are clear and the tilting/panning work without a hitch. Setup took about 5 mins, and I’m no expert in IP devices. In fact, I’m a newbie. Software support is excellent. Virtually alln related software have this Foscam as an option. I view this cam on my Win 7 desktop, Win 8 laptop, iPhone Touch 4 and Asus Android 4.2 Tablet. All with free apps. The only thing I don’t like is the IR feature. The red LEDs are quite visible (isn’t infrared supposed to invisible?). That makes it hard to hide for surveillance, and may disturb a baby’s sleep, if too close.

On mine I can barely see a dim redish glow from the IR LEDs but I think my dog can see it pretty well :-/

True, but if you this for low light surveillance, there is a bigger problem. The IR LEDs are not invisible as one would expect of infrared. The red glow would easily give away the camera’s location, especially if you pan and/or tilt.

I’ve only tried Compro and Foscam cameras but they both have one major weakness. Your credentials are passed in plain text. Be very aware that a traffic sniffer can pull your Foscam name, ip address, and login credentials. Change your passwords reguarly!
I have four of these newer models and two one generation older and so far love them. The image quality in the newer camera, although with the same resolution, does look much sharper than the older one especially in night.
I use a Compro with its smaller viewing angle to see closer at my dog’s usual resting spot. Blue Iris is a very cheap and excellent way to record event as well.
To protect my credentials I also use a SSH server to connect to with my phone, also using certificate and password based authentication, then tunnel through my SSH server to my cameras using ConnectBot and IP Cam Viewer Pro.
There was an article on Engadget about some punk controlling a camera which was aimed at a child, like a baby cam, and swearing at the kid through the speakers. Just be careful.

BTW, this has 2-way audio (mic and speaker), motion detection and audio detection. I have not tested any of those features, however. I assume that those features are software driven, so any IP cam with a mic can have those features. My goal is to aim the camera at a leak-prone area of a property (where I don’t live). Present will be a LeakFrog (bought from Woot) which chirps when there is a puddle. THe alarm sound will then trigger the cam, which can email me. I can then monitor the leak to see if it needs immediate attention.

Darn it Woot! I bought 2 last time and now I just got 3 more…

I was wondering if that software was any good. I have a windows 7 pro pc and was wondering what software to record with. I have dlink and other brand cameras, the dlink software worked pretty good for me until I got other brand cameras… the software only works with dlink :frowning:

Also, if I’m having 15+ wireless cameras I’m worried about my wireless bandwidth…will I need to get a separate router and have 2 networks?

I considered buying a bunch of these as stocking stuffers until the recent story about a IP baby monitor that was hacked. Apparently the perp took total control, and was even able to call out to the baby, whose name was on the wall. S/he was also able to turn the camera toward the parents when they entered the room. Scary stuff. Since my gift recipients are too paranoid to even use their laptop’s webcam, they certainly won’t use this IP cam which can pan and tilt.

Oh btw, I used to mock them for their webcam paranoia but then there was this recent story about Miss Teen USA’s webcam getting hacked. I too am now considering placing black tape over my laptop’s webcam.


I’m planning to use this as a nanny cam. I work from home (upstairs) and was going to wire my downstairs with three cameras. I live in a small town so it’s not terribly likely that someone has the sophistication or desire to hack my system, but I don’t want to take any chances. Unfortunately I’m also not terribly technically savvy… I don’t suppose you have any links to sites that could walk me through the additional security measures and how to employ them, do you? I’d appreciate the help! Or even a recommendation for a different product that is more secure out of the box… Thank you!

The new firmware should take care of the previous security issues. Previously, the camera allowed unlimited password attempts. I beleive now, you have three chances. I also have a feeling those who had this problem kept the stock username and use a very easy to guess password. You’ll be in good shape if you: Update the firmware when you get the camera, change the default username and use a strong password.

I have two of these cameras; love em.

These cameras are great! I have four; two in each home. We always know what is happening remotely. When it snows, we know when to call the plow guy from FL. When my friend periodically gets the mail I can see it and talk to him in my FL kitchen. They reboot flawlessly after a power failure. As for price, this is regular retail. A few weeks ago I received an email from Home Depot selling them for 64.99 with free shipping. The cameras were fulfilled directly by Foscam out of Texas. This is more Moot than Woot.

Does the camera do motion detection for use when not home where it will notify you and/or send a snapshot photo of when the motion detection occurred?