Foscam R2 Full-HD Wireless Indoor IP Cameras

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Foscam R2 Full-HD Wireless Indoor IP Cameras
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Sep 20 to Monday, Sep 25) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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$60 for refurb cameras isn’t a deal. I get emails from foscam a few times a week with deals on newer cameras at lower prices. This exact camera is on sale sometimes for $60 new on amazon. These should be about $29.99. Love woot but the deals have been lacking lately.

For $15 more you can buy this camera NEW with free shipping. Love you Woot but this one is a stinker.

As you recall, woot is owned by Amazon. They downplay it of course

I bought a few of these from WOOT over the years. Last one was dead out of the box. It was too long ago, for a WOOT refund/replacement, didn’t even try.
Contacted FOSCAM, they would not honor warrantee OR offer tech support. FOSCAMs reasoning–There are too many counterfeit FOSCAMs out there and without proof with receipt, we will not help you. I gave them screenshot from WOOT (Stuff You Bought), no help. Buyer BEWARE!!!

This was a Foscam Direct Deal via Amazon in May for $59.99 plus free shipping.

I appreciate that this works with NAS, but the part about FTP access scares me. If someone hacked into my wifi network where this camera was running, they’d be able to access the camera’s photos if I (stupidly) accessed it over FTP since passwords are sent in the clear.

No security is perfect, but you should always aim to make potential attackers jump through as many hoops as possible.

I got one of these new from Amazon a while ago for this same price (and free Prime shipping). It works great with my QNAP NAS. I would consider getting another, but not at this price for a refurb.