Foscam R2 Full-HD Wireless Indoor IP Cameras

This reviewer says he was unable to update the firmware on his Foscam R2.
That’s a problem, because security updates to these cameras is essential.

Anyone have a better experience?

According to the mothership, that has be resolved.

Read the comment right below this:

I’m in for one. 4 out of 5 stars from 1500+ reviews.

My office has no windows. I’ve always thought an IP camera pointed outdoors and displaying on my second 1080P computer monitor would be a nice touch. Can anyone comment on the quality of the picture it produces? I don’t want some grainy looking thing.

They work OK. You can go through the Foscam site or if they are on your network, you can use the local IP address to view the picture. I use 720p and it is quite good.

I find that I have to reboot the camera about once a week.

So they are available through the local network? I like to use Yawcam, and the last IP camera that I bought couldn’t be seen, even though it was on the network.

What version R2 is this? The max. MicroSD storage size depends on the version according to the following answer given to the question On Amazon, Micro SD size?

“It ultimately depends on the Version # of your R2 unit, but most accept 64GB MicroSD cards formatted through the Web UI. If you have an R2v3, you can use up to 128GB of MicroSD storage.
By Foscam Direct SELLER on March 7, 2017”

Yes. You’ll need to figure out the URL of the “snapshot” function but you can find that “out there” on a few sites (including foscam).