Foscam Security Cameras

what kind of special power ethernet router is required for the power over ethernet cameras?

You need a PoE Injector. Buying a new router/switch is nice if you want to power multiple devices. A standalone injector works just fine. This one is good:

When I look for reviews on amazon it seems that the same camera is 5 dollars less…

So will i just be fine with a wireless router to use this cam?

Yes, that what I use with mine.

So much for a deal huh?

Recommend to simply purchase a POE Network Switch, and slap that on one of the LAN ports on your existing router. Linksys have worked fine for my POE IP 1080P cameras.

Model SF100D-08P-NA is what I am using for my Swann NVR-7250 Series NVR system.

What is different from this one?

So an electrician to run power to the camera…who would I get to install the camera itself?

I just received the wired PoE camera. I figured if it said PoE in the title, and on the box, then it would be set up for PoE. But there’s no injector in the box. It should really be called “PoE-capable”. Google tells me I need to buy a PoE router, or a PoE injector. But Google also tells me that the IR LEDs draw so much power that the PoE feature often fails to work. So my plan is to cut up the power supply that came with it, put power into the cable at the router end, and take it out at the camera end.

Otherwise, it was easy to set up, and the picture looks really good on my 50" tv.

[Edit: over Thanksgiving weekend I noticed the camera wasn’t working. When I went outside and checked it I found the housing full of water.]