Foscam Security Cameras

Hello - Are these easy to set up? What sort of additional hardware do I need to make these work?

The only other thing you’ll really need is a way to view the feed. Eg: A computer or software on the phone, there are a lot of apps on the app stores, Android & iOS. They can be free but are feature cut, but if you buy one (my suggestion) they can run between $5 and $15 US. They can also be configured to store the feed to a local hard drive set-up too.

Check out the company page for more details:
Go to ‘Setup Videos’ for more info. Bear with the videos, they may not have the most interesting dialog and the walk through can be more confusing than they need to be but they are informative, and do a good job on trying to cover all the bases.

re: Foscam FI8916WW Indoor Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera with IR-Cut Filter - White (indoor wireless pan/tilt)

I’ve had two sitting here for quite some time; very fancy pet rocks, although dusty now.

I suspected that I was a bit too heavy in the ‘duh’ column to get these peering & panning away and I shoulda just gone with my gut and passed them by.

Best of luck to anyone who truly needs these because needing them sucks, y’know?

Of course you do.

Ok… I have (2) of the FI8919 outdoor and (1) FI8916 indoor pan and tilt ip cams. They work fine, good picture, I like them for the price and where I wanted to see. I have a tip or two.

  1. Make sure you assign an IP address to the camera. In the event of a power loss, if you are DHCP addressing these you may lose the IP you were mapped to and things get difficult to see, especially if you are port mapping in your router to see these externally. When you are in the camera to set it up you can specify and address as opposed to allowing DHCP assignment. This is also when you assign the port so you can go to a particular camera over your network. And most of the security issues can be resolved by changing the default password and updating the firmware.
    2)getting power to this thing was my biggest issue. I have one on the 2 outside corners of my house in the backyard, so I had to run an extension cord to them. Note you must have power for these things even if you are wireless.

edited for spelling errors. Some people have issues with the pan function being smooth over remote viewing. I suspect this is an issue with not having a big enough upload bandwidth on their isp service, but I dont know for sure. Mine works pretty well, but there is a slight lag sometimes over wan. On the lan the pan is smooth.

What wireless standards do these support? If just WEP and WPA and not WPA2 I’ll pass since those have both proven vulnerable. I don’t need my neighbors checking out my video feed :frowning:

I’ve had mine for 2 years now and it works on WPA2. We use it as a baby monitor. we would keep a tablet on the night stand so we can watch over the little one. I want to pick up a couple more for the living room and probably garage. But this price was nothing special, they usually go on sale from their site pretty regularily

Might be time to move that single, lonely, remaining model to the Sellout! bin.