Foscam Security Cameras

The FI8620 has a 10x optical zoom, which explains its high price. It does not have IR LEDs, nor is it capable of using external IR lamp (filter cuts off IR light).

Manual :

Awww…sheet. Y’all don have t’worry ‘bout them so-called security cameras. Ya kin tell by the name itz fake. Just look: Fo’ Scam.

Are these (particularly the FI8916WB ) only capable of streaming the video? Are you able to configure them to save to a server?

I can speak to the wireless outdoor camearas:

No and yes. They can record video if you are using the older version of the firmware, you leave a computer internet browser on the camera 24/7, and you have a spot defined within the GUI.

They CANNOT record video over IP unless you are actively logged into the camera. The best they can do is email a FTP server a still image when motion capture is enabled at predefined intervals.

The good about these cameras: great night vision capability. Easy to use GUI, but the feature let you down (read the above paragraph). Is very well constructed to beat the elements.

The bad about these cameras: The wireless cards on these are junk and drop often, making their surveillance ability pretty pathetic. The newer firmware doesn’t support video recording (likely because the wireless cards are junk and it is hard to transmit all that date).

I had two and returned them both. I’m holding out for a zmoto wired DVR setup.

All the Foscam IP cameras can record the video if you have a 3rd party program like “Blue Iris” or a free one like “Ispy”. These programs run on a computer on the network and can be scheduled to record several cameras at certain times and/or use motion sensing. Be advised the indoor cameras listed here are a model older than their newwer ones which is the FI8910 series.

I for one uses Blue Iris with Foscam cameras and it works great! I use it as my baby cam in my nursery.

I have two FI8910W cameras set up a different locations. Woot isn’t offering the FI8910W in this sale, but has the older model. I beleive the older model doesn’t have the IR Cut. If you do a little googling, you can see what the image qaulity looks like. It’s going to be a bit more washed out; greens may appear more white.

Setup on these cams isn’t too bad. Just make sure you know your way around your router and you have a basic idea of how port forwarding works. I found there are some great videos on youtube that will walk you through the process. In addition to port forwarding you’ll need a static IP or a an IP service (free) like My FI8910W firmware had as an available service from the cam controls.

I mostly view the cams from an app on my iphone and ipad. It’s great to check up when on the go.

Looong time wooter here. Don’t post on the forums much though, but wanted to chime in on these cams. I just 2 weeks ago returned the Foscam FI8916WB to amazon. There is a big problem with many of these models that Foscam can’t fix because it’s a hardware issue. They lock up when the video is very bright or the scene is busy or complicated. I had the cam pointing at a large dog crate and every single time the bars on the crate filled the screen, the video would lock up and the unit would reboot. It did the same thing when I pointed it out the window during the day. When it got dark, the cam was fine. I updated to the latest firmware, hooked the cam directly to Ethernet, moved it around. Nothing helped. Searched the forums on the Foscam site and found this: . The post has over 215 replies and over 14,000 views. the issue is spread over many models because they use the same internals. General consensus is that it started happening about 6 months ago when they updated the IR cut filter. I wont buy another one until this issue is solved outright. Buyer beware.

I use Blue Iris as well since the software is actually pretty good and for how many cameras it can manage most other companies would charge you $200+ and BI is only about $60. Pretty nice. I use it at home to see what my dog is up to but I use IP Cam Viewer to view all the cameras via my Android phone.

I have 7 foscam cameras (different age and models) connected to my Synology NAS and its surveillance station. I think I only had one bad one, that had dust in the lense assembly. After cleaning it, it works just fine. For the low price, they work great with Synology. I can’t afford half a dozen $300 IP cameras, so at ~$60 for the indoor version, it is a great value. At that price, even if they were to break quickly(my oldest is 6 years and still ticking) i don’t mind replacing it.

I don’t use the native software, so this may be cause for different experiences but having a NAS at home these days is certainly worth the expense, just for having you private cloud and media streaming (without NSA reading your private data).

I’ll stick to a better quality camera and better brand.

These cameras have security issues and holes that allows easy access and control of your feed.

Buyer beware

These cameras are no less secure than $400 cameras. Use weak passwords and if you allow access over the internet, then hackers could use brute force methods to access the stream.
The quality issue is not security, it’s the hardware which is produced cheaply in China factorys.

I have tried other wifi cameras and I like the Foscam cameras the best out of all of them. I have four, 3 inside and 1 outdoor and they all work very well and send me email notifications with pictures attached showing what is going on during my alarm notification times I get to set in the camera.They are priced very good here and if I just did not order 3 more direct from Foscam I would be purchasing then here.

I will second this.

I have two FI8910W’s, setup was easy. One of the cameras is coming up on a year running with a few reboots here and there, but you can have it send you an email if there is an IP change if you have a Dynamic IP address. Good apps available on Android (and i see above that there are also ones for iOS).

Good camera for checking on the house when on vacation. I set it to send me pictures when there is motion detected, but most of the time I have the motion detect off when home. Fun camera to look in on the dogs and even “talk” to them. It sounds more muffled from the internal speaker, but you can hook up an external speaker, which I have not tried yet.

Literally… Some of these also have built-in mics. I have an app on my smart phone that will allow me to speak with someone in front of the camera thanks to built-in speakers and mic.

It appears there are 2 versions of fi8918wb? Foscam’s website shows one with a resolution of 640x480 pixels and the other 1280*720 Pixels (video 720) The version on Woot is 640x480. Downer.

There’s a slight difference in the model numbers that you are looking at on Foscam. One is 8918, the other is 9818.

Great feedback on Foscam cameras here:

Does anyone know what the return policy is for the Foscam cameras if I’m not happy with its performance (as opposed to it being clearly defective)? I haven’t been able to find a clear answer on the site, I emailed Woot and was told that I should get an answer within 24 hours, and there are no support phone #'s. I love Woot overall, but am not happy with their support! Thanks!