Foscam Security

I bought one and it was dead on arrival.After woot failed to reply to any e-mail to get a new one I was forced to pay shipping both ways to Foscam to have it fixed.

Foscam really didn’t want to repair the camera since it was not bought directly from them.

buyer beware on Foscam & Woot!

Sorry to hear that Woot was unable to assist you in replacing/correcting the problem you were experiencing.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post/information to see if we can’t investigate what occurred.

Thanks for your continued patience during this matter.

Per Amazon questions this doesn’t work in temperatures below 32. That counts the great white north out.Glad I looked before I bought.

I bought one of the 8904WS from Amazon a few months ago. The camera wouldn’t maintain a wireless connection to my router from across the room, much less through a wall. I returned it.

Caveat emptor. Before you buy, look up the particular model and read the reviews carefully.

I purchased the Foscam FI8916WW and love it !! It was a little tricky at first figuring out how to load the software, but after a little work we got her going with no problems. It is awesome to get an email with 6 pictures 1 second apart when someone sets off the motion detector. Then I login to my computer remotely and watch the intruder, or better yet, yell at them and tell them the police are on the way. The only down side is you can not monitor your camera unless your in your wifi area.

…So… the alarm clock. That’s for sex stuff, right?

The camera sells for the same price on Amazon. At least their return policy is clear should you have problems…

Very difficult to set up

If you think these cameras are hard to set up, try setting up ones from the previous generations. These are relatively simple to set up, but you still need some level of understanding of routers, ports, etc. I haven’t gotten around to reading up on how these work, yet. LOL.

The problem is most likely the wireless router you have. I have a basement full of wireless routers … DLink, Netgear, Buffalo, Linksys. You name it I got it. There is one out that that costs a pretty penny, about $170 two years ago. NOW, THIS router is the best I’ve ever had. Dropped connections two times in one year, but waited for about ten seconds and it reconnects automatically. Hard reset about needed twice. I’m not endorsing it so I’m not mentioning the name here.

My thought too. And it sold out quickly. Savages.

Also, anyone know if these would work with a Mac (Mavericks or Mavericks Server) to be viewable online?