Foscam Security

Ok, this is probably a stupid question but how are these things powered? I would assume that it still needs a line to a power source. And if that’s the case, I guess I don’t see what the benefit of the wireless network connection is. If I have to run wire for power, why not just run wire for the video feed as well since I could get at LEAST 2 cameras for the price of 1 if I don’t buy the wireless. Which means more coverage area that the security system can cover.

You are correct, they require a separate power line, so only the data is wireless. With the interior cams, you can put the camera anywhere and plug the power into a wall and all you have to do to move the camera is find another outlet where you want the camera to go. it gives you many more options for an interior camera. For the exterior ones that need to be mounted there isnt much or a benefit unless you have an outlet close to your mounting location or something. I have one of the interior and 2 of the exterior. I use the exterior cams hardwired to my network, better throughput than a sketchy wireless signal at the outer limits of the range. The pan/tilt response is much quicker hardwired than wireless.

My bigger issue was the IP cameras dont connect to my analog dvr, so I am not recording anything off of them. I am building a nvr out of an old computer, so I am about to rectify that. Keep in mind if you get IP cameras, yes you can view them remotely or whatever, but you need a network recorder that can take in those cameras in order to record locally. Your phone app may record as you watch it, or you can go to a cloud service that will record signals, but that can get expensive.

So if someone is looking for a simple, multi-camera, one wire solution with DVR, they are better off getting those 4-8 camera setups woot has from time to time.

I use an open source app called iSpy ( that monitors the cams and records whenever movement or sound is triggered. We have a vacation home with 6 Foscams (4 indoor, 2 outdoor) all running over wifi. Our primary home has a PC that remotes into the Foscams and records activity. The cams send emails when they trigger, and the remote PVR captures the video.

There’s also a Foscam iPhone app that lets you remote control cameras from anywhere. All in all, it’s a pretty affordable solution and kind of cool to remote control the cameras from anywhere. (Also cool watching the wildlife at night with the IR)

looks like the post above adressed it. The wifi ones are good, I have 3. But you will need to use an old pc and put software on it to record. Buying one of the package deals that come up (my other 8 cams are a package, with some camera upgrades) relieves you of having to find software and load onto a computer. it all depends on your level of techy.

i will have to look at ispy. I have been looking at blueiris (which foscam pushes) and I have tinkered with vitamind which is now sighthound apparently for pvr software, but havent yet made a decision. i want to aggregate my ip cams and record, so thanks for the tip.

Ok thats what I figured. Thanks for the input. I think I’ll just get one of the multiple camera systems where the Cameras are less money per Cam and can cover more area. I’m looking to mainly cover the outside area, so seems like the wired cameras will be my best option. Thanks again!

Some quick tips and thoughts:

  1. I heard it’s possible to do a basic mod to power these cams over ethernet alone, so google for that.
  2. It’s pretty easy to set these up to view remotely over the internet. Here’s the guide I used.
  3. For android devices, I use the app TinyCam Monitor Pro. There’s a free version but the Pro adds nice features for cheap (both are ad-free). One of the best apps you can find.
  4. For the PC, free software iSpy is good.
  5. For PC, paid software Blue Iris is fantastic.
  6. These cams are great value, work well, look nice, are robust, and… well I really like them. =)