Foscam Security

I suggest to anyone even considering these cameras, read the discussion from when they last were on Woot, lest ye suffer the misery of many who’ve come before you…

I have no interest in low-rez security cameras - they don’t do much more than show motion.

But the 720p models look more interesting at these prices.

Specifically the FI9821WW/B V2. $115 looks like a good price.

Does the “V2” address the complaints about Foscam cameras and for that matter does the 9821 even have the issues people have mentioned on the 8910?

BTW, it doesn’t look like the 9821’s were even included in the prior Woot sale.

Event Horizon!

Looks like Groupon is selling the FI8918W model for $49.99 shipped free and $59.99 with a high gain antenna.

That one appears to be a low rez camera like the 8910W being sold here on Woot, but the Woot camera appears to add an IR-cut filter at $72.99.

A table comparing the features across all models would be great - anyone found one?

No, but have both the 8910W and several 8198W, and will say that the image quality on the 8910 is FAR better than on the 8918. At a minimal price difference I would go with the 8910 every time & intend to purchase a couple more this time. I’m sure the .h264 are even nicer, but at almost twice the price, the 8910 is a real sweet spot for value.

I love these cameras, btw. I have 5 of them now recording video to a DVR on my local network. Can pull up and review anything.

@mckean26, thanks for the info.

I wonder tho, for a few more bucks why don’t you see the value in going with the higher definition of the FI8918W? Is there something else that is an issue?

Nah, that’s me being super cheap. I’m already prioritizing a multiple camera setup over high definition. So instead of an HD camera in the living room, I get a not-quite-HD camera there plus one in the garage. Do that twice & you have one watching the front door plus one watching the back door. To me that’s area coverage over definition.

If I had more money in the budget for it I’d definitely go HD.

What I like about these cams is the ability to modularly and cheaply build on your existing system. You can go with a 1 camera system for like 60 bucks or you can go crazy and have 36 cams all pumping vivid HD. I started with an 8918 a couple years ago and have slowly built up a pretty cool multi-camera system since then spending roughly 65-80 every time I upgrade. That’s super scalable, and that’s a big win. Pretty autonomous on their own but even better as a network.

These are basically generational, though. The 8918 is from like 4 yrs ago, the 8910 is from like 2 yrs ago, the 720p one is this years or last.

This is one way to record to local NAS drive -

The embedded firmware is indeed janky (duh - it’s firmware!) but with additional high quality management software like this you can build a really sophisticated scalable system.

The BlackVue 16GB is 46c more but with free Prime Shipping on Amazon:

Yeah, F8910W is 64.99 with Prime shipping on Amazon too, now that I look. Supplied directly by Foscam.

FI9821W is still a better deal here

Run Run Wooters as fast as you can. FACTS: 1) the video is much better that outdoor cameras of Foscams’ past. 2) If you buy this directly from Foscam they will cover it for a full two years, F R E E 3) Foscams’ customer service consists of cowards that will N O T respect Woots’ P.O. number, therefore they will not support this product. S A V E E V E Y T H I N G. Cowards because the MAC addresses prove these are legit. 4) My camera lost 2 rows ( 1/2 ) of LEDs and dropped off a very strong AP 5-8 times a day. Thank You Woot for making good and refunding monies. I bought 1 directly from Foscam and they will keep it up for two years. Go direct and avoid headaches.

Perhaps I missed it even tho I read through all the info on its page, but I did not see it stated whether the FI9821WB is an indoor or outdoor capable camera.

The specs kindly state the storage temperature, but not the operating temperature?

Perhaps it can be inferred it is an indoor camera in that “Outdoor” seems to be in the product names of several of the other cameras.

@mckean26, thanks so much for the info.

I was about to pull the trigger until I went back and reread the early November deal comments. Yikes! It felt like Woot was pulling the teeth of the Foscam rep to get them to respond.

I get that we shouldn’t expect perfection from an under $100 camera, but still, these are not $29 cameras. Improve the manufacturer support, and I’d be in.

Thanks to @VelvetHammar above…

It’s hiding in the features:

Indoor pan/tilt wireless IP camera

I own the clock radio to record my encounters and the low light performance is “ok” but the real feature missing is an alarm. What good is a clock radio, camera or not, without an alarm. They could have put 50 cents more R&D into this thing and added an alarm.

I got three of the indoor 10’s last time they were on woot for $59. Well worth it in my opinion. And the Foscam Pro app, while starting out super buggy, has been updating with fixes multiple times these last couple of months and the developer responds directly when emailed…now the app is working really well on my iOS devices.


Too possessive?

“You can also easily transfer your video’s between your device and your smartphone via the WiFi connection.”

My video’s what? Surely you meant videos (plural)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Where?