FOSCAM W25 1080P USB Webcam w/ Dual Mics

FOSCAM W25 1080P USB Webcam w/ Dual Mics

Hardly a woot. Same price on Amazon…why is this listed here?

Was gonna order one but wanted to compare with a Logitech camera. Was very surprised to see the same price offered on Amazon. I thought this was better limited prices or deals then what was listed on Amazon.


Bought then started to compare online and noticed same price on amazon but had 1 day shipping. I canceled woot order and ordered right off amazon for same price and I get it 3 days earlier.


Agree with you 100%.

Not everyone will be comparing with Amazon to notice.

True. And they’ll get their orders in about a week.

1080 and 2Megapixel is going to get you talked about, yeah…

Not sure what’s being seen on Amazon by the others, but I see it as $10 more on Amazon, and out of stock.

I think the left hand finally spoke to the right hand.

I’m guessing Amazon raised the price so the woot price looks more appealing.

They were both the same price up until today.