Foscam Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera

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Foscam Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera
Price: $64.99
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Let’s see this go head to head with the FI9820W


Let’s learn more about the repair/return policy

Sorry Woot,

640x480 Pixels is STILL not "high-quality video. Pass. With tech prices the way they are, we should be able to buy HD versions of these for this price range.

I recently purchased another Foscam model (the FI9820W V2) and I have to say I am not at all impressed with their support, website, or firmware.

First, you can’t download their firmware without joining their mailing list- and the mailing list is used for both advertising and firmware release announcements- there is no way to only opt-in to just firmware announcements. Also- they email everyone when there is a firmware update for any camera so it’s like every other day or so and most aren’t going to be useful if you have just one or even two model cameras.

Next, they have a support forum which I thought was nice- but no one from Foscam actually answers any questions- it is for customers to help each other… that I could understand if it was a “fan” created forum but a company’s official support forum should have official support.

Next, when you visit the Foscam support forum a very annoying pop-up pops up after a few seconds supposedly from an online support agent asking if you need help. Nifty… But if you actually type in a question to ask- no one ever responds. It seems to time out at some point and asks you to rate your experience… a cruel joke.

Finally, their firmware, at least for my camera, is still missing important features and is worse, buggy. You can’t reliably record to an SD card because it will not reliably delete old video- once the card fills up you’re on borrowed time until it bugs out and recording stops completely without giving you any notice. I have to check the camera multiple times a day to make sure it is recording. [NOTE- THIS IS WITH MY MODEL CAMERA, I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH THIS MODEL BEING SOLD]

All of this is a shame because the hardware is good, the video quality is excellent even in low light- when it works.

I bought a couple of these ‘security cameras’ from wooty a month or so ago.

They’re still just sitting there, not doing a damned thing.

Trying to get them to work turned my hair white & then I ended up yanking it all out in crazed frustration…

NOT a fan, FoSCAM. Not a darn bit.

Extremely similar products can be had for about $40 shipped. I have a Tenvis IP cam that works fine (setup was a bit of a hassle) and has the same features except the IR cut.

Check out their Amazon reviews. According to them they have the best customer service ever. /s

I did, I posted my concerns in an Amazon review and got a response from them- a useless one but something. So they employ people to check Amazon reviews but not to answer questions in their own forum.

I have 3 8910 tilt/pan cameras. Two are mounted outside (sheltered from the elements by the house) and one indoors.

The setup for these cams can be a bit involved. But it it is doable on your own. First, update the firmware on the cam if it’s not the latest version. It would probably be a good idea to update the firmware on your router as well. If you don’t have a static IP, you’ll need to set one up with on of the free services the cam supports; I use no-ip. You only need one URL; it will support multiple cams at a particular location, using different ports for each cam.

When setting up the cam, assign it a local IP outside of your router’s assigned range. Also, change the cam name from admin to a unique name and pick a good password.

I mostly access my cams on mobile devices using an app. The web interface is were you can really drill into the settings. One of my outdoor came is mounted upside down. Via the web UI, you’re able to flip and mirror the image so it shows up correctly.

Overall, I’m happy with these cameras. The image quality is good for remote monitoring. The IR works surprisingly well at night.

I am satisfied with mine and the free is fine; however, The FOSCAM Super-Client Software for MJPEG cameras software had to be updated to 1.4.13 for me for my windows 8.1 computer! I found it at!
Also, you can register the camera and url? query it from skype similar to: just fine!
p.s. Of course, I have setup my own internet (router, repeater and bridge) and have configured my Foscam to use my new Linksys wrt1900ac router and use dyndns because my dsl is dynamic and my ip is not static.
There are numerous iOS @ android apps which work great for me and the motion sensing feature when activated will automatically upload 6 snapshots at the intervals selected to the foscam cloud.

Wanna sell them to me for a reasonable price? I’ll take a crack at em to see who’s dog is pooping in my yard.


I, too, purchased the FI9820W V2 and agree whole-heartedly with these complaints. The video quality is excellent, but the terrible firmware and “support” out weigh the positives IMO.
Also, anyone looking to use the remote FTP upload feature should know that it simply does not work. They have yet to fix a major bug where the camera does not log out of the ftp account after uploading. Not only does this corrupt the files, but it results in the account being blocked automatically by most remote ftp servers due to multiple logins. DO NOT buy Foscam unless you intend on recording locally.

I’ll take them. I use foscams extensively. What models and how much?

First of, I just want to say “Thanks!” at everyone who wrote something here because I gathered all those words up as maybe a way toward 'em peeping on my front porch finally.

(Hate having my woots stolen!!)

Arrimapir8? First, thanks for asking-- right now, I offered 'em to my brother to fuss with them and see if he has any luck… if he is indifferent, I’ll come back over to this page and try one of them direct messages.


Really, mine works GREAT! Just check my post for some info!