Fosgate and iTunes...


GM and Merry Xmas Eve, Techies!
I bought the Rockford Fosgate system that includes the house settup and the car settup. I want to load my iTunes from the computer into the car system. I guess I can stream them from here to there w/o bringing in the hard drive. So anyways… the Itunes seem to be mpeg-4 audio files. Is there a way to convert them to mp3 files? I would appreciate any help that anyone out there can give me so I don’t have to reload them all. Santa will take good care of you if you can help me. Think of the possibilities! Thanks soooooooo much, Nob



I should preface this saying that I don’t know much about iTunes. That said, I have heard people saying that if they want to use their iTunes purchased music (which has special encoding to block too many copies) that they burn it to a cd and then rip it back into mp3 format. I imagine that this might work for you too. This way when you burn the files, they get converted to non-protected wav files, and then when you rip them, you’ll get the mp3 files you want. There may be easier methods, but this might at least give you an idea.

As for Santa taking care of me…oh well. I’m Jewish.


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Thanks so much for the help jlange! I’ll give it a try… Nob (Hope I didn’t offend you!Sorry!)


lol…no offense taken :slight_smile:


TY very very much!


<proxy> You’re Welcome!