Fosgate Audionics FA61.0 Bookshelf Speakers


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Speakers are always good! Kinda spendy speakers, but not too expensive. And it looks to be a good price for these. I hereby deem this deal woot-worthy! :smiley:



Ok… that was a guess… but I bet we see it again. It’s a great burner and the price was right! Tonight is another awesome deal. And again in the price range of most Wooters. (can’t have them all WSJ crowd!! :wink: )

WHAT AN AWESOME DEAL ON THESE SPEAKERS!!! … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.


Fosgate Audionics FA61.0 Bookshelf Speakers
Pamper your ears. Thrill your guests. Annoy your rivals.
$139.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

You’re the kind of person who appreciates the finer things in life, are we right? You surround yourself with the finest imported tapestries, the most luxurious leather appointments. You won’t sleep on anything with a thread count of less than 600. You drive in only the most high-performance motorcars, with only the most outrageously excessive onboard amenities. After all, life’s too short to settle for average. And yet you persist in attempting to appreciate music through those tinny, outdated, frankly inadequate speakers of yours. No wonder you never have anyone over – the embarrassment could be socially fatal.

It’s all so unnecessary. The affordable Fosgate Audionics FA61.0 is a bookshelf speaker set for those with an appetite for luxury. As its upmarket alter ego, Hafler VRM6, this speaker won praise from Sound and Vision for its “topnotch sound, a terrific bottom end, and impressive dynamic range,” adding up to “a high-performance home theater speaker system that’s very competitive at its price.” And we won’t tell how much you actually paid – it wouldn’t be the gentlemanly thing to do.

Condition: New, brown box
FA61.0 Bookshelf Loudspeakers (one pair)
Stout 3/4" MDF cabinet construction with internal bracing
Ebony ash finish
Impedance 6 ohms (8 ohm compatible)
Frequency response 60Hz - 21kHz +/- 3db
24db / octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover for natural sound and great reliability
Peak acoustic output >110db
Maximum power handling 200 watts
Woofer: 6.5" (165mm) polypropylene cone
Tweeter: 1" (25mm) silk dome with neodymium magnet
Magnetic video shielding
Integrated tweeter waveguide for exceptional dispersion
Integrated tweeter heatsink allows high power handling and high acoustic output
Unique optical circuit bleeds off excessive power and protects the speaker from damage
Slot ported enclosure for extended low frequency response and high efficiency
Tweeter level switch to lower tweeter output 3db for live/reflective rooms
Dimensions: 13 3/8" H x 7 3/4" W x 9" D
Weight 15 lbs
[size=18:1eacf5f33a]Original MSRP $349.00 each[/size:1eacf5f33a]


This would be really nice in my bedroom…


lmao @ the Bottom Feeder… Food Reviews… Hmmmmm…


But the bank account is so low… <— new reviews daily. Nothing for sale here. No one makes money from this site.


Got my woot hats today. WOOT rocks. Thanks for the free T-Shirts. Right up there with BOC. I hope I make the next shirt. More Woot Scotty!!!


I stayed up tonight. But did I stay for this… or something else…
:wink: :twisted:

I was sad that I was not in 6.1 surround stereo, until I met a man who had no bookshelves…


I have no more room for speakers!






Linux compatible! Again!


rad :lol:


No thanks :slight_smile:


a little more info on these speakers:

Fosgate Audionics’s FA61.0 is a 6.5 inch two-way monitor modeled after the critically acclaimed Hafler VRM6 active monitor used in many of the world’s finest recording studios.

Jim Fosgate, founder of Fosgate Audionics and still the Senior Engineering Consultant, was awarded an Emmy in 2003 by the National Television Academy for his pioneering work in the field of surround sound for television.


I dont need it I just got a logitech for pc and that should be enough for now on my room


almost as cool as :shock:


HOLY COW! These are true studio monitors, not just plain old basic bookshelf speakers. Anyone who has shopped for recording studio monitors knows they are expensive, even when they are just passive instead of biamped/powered.

Ching - snagged my pair!


Gooooood WooooooooT!!!


Sweet speakers.



Just to see if it is possible! :smiley: