Fosgate Audionics/Soundbridge 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Set


[imgleft][/imgleft] Friday, October 28, 2005


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[*]tonybgrant posts Fosgate’s receipt of 2003 Emmy Award.

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WOOT - ITS WHAT’S FOR MIDNIGHT ™ - Brought to you by the ad counsel for late night deals [:)] !!!

Fosgate Audionics/Soundbridge 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Set $549.99 + $5 shipping

Best price on froogle is - FA62.0 - $119 EACH
FA52.0 $99 each
12SBX1.5 - no price as of yet… still looking

Reviews - FA62.0 info Link ---- FA52.0 info link

I think the coding slaves need to be whipped harder! [:)]…

Link to Fosgate review and info ---- And here’s a review and info from when woot had a similar deal. And where can you find it? Well on WYD [:)]


This is my fifth attempt at this post, hopefully it will stay.

Below are the direct links to the speakers as well as to the FA62.0 for $129.99 with some additional product information.

I am fairly certain that the 12SBX1.5 is not actually a product and is a typo, which is why it has been removed from the primary product description.

Even without a price for the sub, the five other speakers add up to around $560 without shipping. So it is like getting a free sub, just not sure how great the sub is.


doesn’t seem particularly outstanding based on the per speaker prices I’m seeing elsewhere.


After all that wait, I thought there would be pages of posts! Who’s heard these and how good are they? Give us the skinny…


Whew. That was a bit rough. How about a little music to relax by, now that things have calmed down a bit?


I listened to that, I think I was too sober to fully appreciate it


Big Blue, I saw a link to your post but I then was caught in a redirection loop. They’re testing us…woot.


That’s a “hint”? Sounds like another batch of InFocus 61" TVs are coming Monday.


woots gettin all expensive on us now… well just this one i guess… put another vid card up… agp…i love u woot… WOOOOTTT WOOOOOOT… the woot train has arrived…


How much were they last time?


First time around, they were $3k - $500 rebate = $2500.
Second time, they were $2,800 - $300 rebate = still $2500.


Based on mention prices, seems like they’re throwing in the subwoofer for free… not too bad :wink:


High-end or mediocre?


Okay, call me dumb if you want, but I’ve been hanging around a while and this is the first audio file I have ever seen the Wootbees put up. Yet the dialogue suggests this is something we are familiar with. Hey old timers - wake up - is this something old come back around or something new? Or does it hide somewhere I don’t normally look? (Like the PMs which I discovered about 3 weeks ago).


I lacks a nickel.


you guys should have told us about this pack yesterday. now i regret not buying it.


I might actually Have to pick up a set of these. Anyone have a listeners opinion of sound quality?


cool song. Sounds like a possible woot off?