Fosgate FAPT1+ Surround Processor/Preamp


[imgleft][/imgleft] Fosgate FAPT1+ Surround Processor/Preamp - Thursday, October 27, 2005
Item qty: 120, Last Order: 11:36 AM CST, Wooter to blame: nhurt
Order Pace: 5m 48.263s, Woot Wage: $8,269.52/hour.


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[*] We finally managed to take a nice pic of the FAPT1+. Better late than never, eh? We recommend stealing this pic for your eBay auction.


THE GOOD WOOTKEEPING SEAL OF APPROVAL ™ - I think that is what they are trying to win with the latest woots. (not that that is bad [;)] )

But back to the tech stuff! [:)]

Fosgate FAPT1+ Surround Processor/Preamp $799.99 + $5 shipping

I actually can’t find a current price on these. But I am still looking.


“Connect 7.1-channel outputs”
I just need another 5 speakers and $800 :wink:


I think this one comes with fish -

This is a very cool Woot - but will think about it - This one is too much $$$$$ to sell out quick!

Woot Wooter Wootest!


Damn thats expensive. Wouldn’t mind one, but jeez, even at that price.


Wow. Excellent Woot Tonight. Probably one of the best i’ve seen in a while certainly better than the watches that were on here recently. (IMHO) I have been wanting another one of these for a while now. I bought two of these when they first came out and gave one away as a birthday present to my nephew(well he’s not actully my nephew but hes my sisters foster child in murdaville Georgia). THe other one had a problem and i got hit by a drunk dirver in a pickup truck on the on the way to the post office trying to get it returned [rushing to get the post office by 4:50 thats right 4:50 my post office closes at 4:50 when the ones everywhere else close at 5:00. It’s a big aggravation im always speeding and rushing to get there before they lock the door(and still serve the people already in line)] and it flipped out of the convertible and got destroyed. I was already thinking about buying another one. I’ve been searching all online and couldn’t even find a good price. But Now on Woot!!! I can’t belive it!!! Woot! Woot! Im Spending Some Loot! This has to be one of the luckiest days of my life. Oh well like I said before. Great Woot. Im off to spend some loot.


Cool stuff, i would get but just bought a preamp a week ago :frowning:


Oh my… Is that from one of the Fat Boys movies?


the “I want one” button is already hopping?

Wow, you guys are quick!


Wow. Respectable. I don’t have the scratch nor the need though.


At least you get a $150 remote!


$800 for fosgate home audio



They’re just throwing LCDs on everything now. How about wooting up a fishing reel with a built in LCD (o_O)


i should have purchased the sushi set, this woot sux.


Oooooh it’s beautiful! Oooooh I am broke :frowning:



So many inputs! So cool!

But WTF is up with this? “The FAPT1+ takes any composite or S-video input and upconverts it to component video, just like that.”
Isn’t S-Video higher res than component? Wouldn’t you want to keep the signal in S-Video? Does it even output S-video or is it all component?
Whoops, I’m confusing component with RCA. My bad.


But, but but, it’s not refurbished!!!
Wouldn’t it be cheaper if it was???
This still smells like raw fish…


Wooo, pretty. Wish I had the space and extra cash for that

Looks like this had a street price of about $3500 when released earlier this year.


Maybe if I pawned my iron…