Fossil Watches

This can’t be a Woot watch sale. The watches aren’t listing at $1,000 with 95% discounts.

How come the item in the picture is never actually available? Either it’s the one that’s sold out, or it simply isn’t one of the options (as is the case here).

The ol’ bait and switcheroo. Woot’s trademark.

I have bought fossil watches for less money (with a sale or coupon) at Carsons store, and they always have sales and coupons!

You’ll buy these watches but will get Xhilaration watch instead followed by “Sorry! but too bad” e-mail by woot.

This ^

Ditto. Come on woot, you’re better than than.

Yeah… that’s the one I wanted!

It made you click, didn’t it?

That’s also why I clicked. But I knew it wouldn’t be there.

Best I can tell, the watch in the banner is the:
Fossil Men’s JR1457 Nate Dark Grey Stainless Steel Watch

Which appears to be available via for about $72

It used to be that comments like these would draw a “thanks for the heads up, but the inventory we have for sale sometimes changes at the last minute” post from staff, but I don’t know that anyone even knows what’s for sale around here anymore. I do know that despite this being so common that it’s a running joke, woot doesn’t do anything to stop doing the bait and switch. It’s really annoying and misleading and portrays the company in a bad light.

I received the “so called” Fossil Watches. Not a single watch was a Fossil brand. Woot, that was a dishonest sale. Two were Xhiliaration, four were just unbranded “made in China”. I didn’t expect to receive Fossil’s most amazing watches, but I did expect they’re brand.
I’m very disappointed in you guys.