Fotinos Brothers Pinot Noir (2)

Fotinos Brothers Pinot Noir 2-pack
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2 2009 Fotinos Brothers Pinot Noir
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Do I want this? Talk to me people.

We tasted this last night at our labrat get together. It was aged in new oak barrels. It is well-balanced but was a little tight at first sip. I liked it. We tasted a lot of wines last night. Sorry I don’t have more details on aromas etc.

We had this last night on an after tour tasting. I don’t usually like pinots but just bought 2 sets while on the bus. It was that good

nose: dusty blackberry, raspberry, notes of dark chocolate

Palate: smooth and creamy, medium body. Plum and cherry, notes of black pepper and clove. A hint of sharp tannin (agability). Very full flavors. Damn good stuff

Summer. I need white wine!

From neilfindswine’s comments from the previous posting of this wine:

“Tasting Notes Epilogue: As the day wore on, some others in the office wandered past my desk and decided to have a taste. Sil: “Elegant; wonderful!” Operations: “Did you want any more of this?” WineDavid: “Were you going to take this home?” Me (careful not to ruffle the bosses feathers…)” “umm… I don’t know… ummm…” Then, noticing that bottle is empty, “Umm, no, I don’t think so…”

end of story…

Not my place to stand up on soap box and speak too loudly, that’s for the winemakers. But suffice it to say, this is truly a Black-Tie-Buy. Those Wooters that picked this up are in for a real treat.

Thanks Chris for stopping by and for making your '09 Pinot Noir available." - Apr 23, 2012 10:34 PM

Does it taste like Pinot or a Pinot that someone who does not like Pinot would like? :slight_smile:

Any drinking window info?

Is this a special occasion wine?

$59/bottle on the website. Seems like a great deal with some good ww reviews. Hmmmmm…

This is a deeply concentrated cherries and baking spice Pinot with a backbone. This is not a Pinot heavy on barnyard aspects. This is a Pinot with a little heavier body.

This IS a Special occasion wine