FOTL Men's Long Sleeve Tees 6-Pack

FOTL Men's Long Sleeve Tees 6-Pack

Well, no color choice and the heather aren’t all cotton. I’d like a dozen, but it’s too iffy. Some of those 12 colors I wouldn’t wear. :disappointed:

FWIW, my wife just bought me a pair of FOTL Cotton Lounge Pants, after washing they had shrunk 7.5 INCHES. Immediately returned to Amazon.

More inventory of sizes 3X and 4X have been added. Happy Shopping!

I have to agree. I would take a chance but I am certain that with the way my luck is going I would get both pink and purple. I mean, these are for gifts and I don’t know anyone I can give a pink shirt to. I have friends who can and do wear pink and well, but I don’t buy their clothes, lol.

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