FoTL Men's V-Neck Tees 5-Pack

That poor guy modeling the tees!
He looks miserable, lol!

Is this wring spun cotton?

I ordered 3 sets of these last time they were up.

Only 4 out of the 15 shirts were even 100% Cotton, with the others being 60/40-Cotton/Poly.

Can’t say if the 4 actually-cotton ones are wring-spun per se though.

Yeah, heathers are 60/40. That dropped off the features somehow. It’s back nwo.

How was the variety?

Edit: Duplicate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never any XLT options for us tall guys. (Or above average height guys with a gut and buttcrack that needs to remain covered.)

Ordered 2 sets. Got 5 different colors in the first set. Got 4 of the same 5 colors in the second set. All 10 packed loosely together, so someone manually put the shirts in. Frustrating, but I know that’s how these things go.

Shirts look decent though!

Thanks! That’s exactly what I wanted to know!