Fountain Pen Journal or Tee

I managed to snag a journal right before they sold out. Yay! I’m curious though, does anyone know when these things will be shipping out? I know woot offs tend to just go and you gotta jump on something when you see it. But I may want to use a different shipping address for this one.

I just checked with Travis and he says we already have these in hand, so it looks like we should expect them to ship by the date we have for all our Shirt.Woot-Off stuff (12/11)- and yep, it should get to where it’s going in time for Christmas without expedited shipping.

Thanks for checking and responding. I sent CS an email asking if it’s possible to change my shipping address. I’d rather get this shipped to the address I’ll be at for Christmas, I clicked the buy button too fast to check and change it.