Fountain Pen

These are the sort of colors that make silver my favorite shirt hue. Love the lotus flower.

Two subliminal pac-man shirts in a row. Coincidence?

This shirt is AWESOME!

Nice to see another future classic cmdixon. :wink:

Really pretty colors, love the flowing pond look.

As soon as I saw this I was reminded of Toucan Sheds His Tint which I already have. Very nice work.

How beautiful! I sure can’t pass a shirt that extolls the wonders of creating your own amazing worlds quite so eloquently.

Love it!

I don’t wear t-shirts much anymore, but considering I have over 100 tees, I’m trying to find some way to refashion them into something more my current style. Have a sewing machine, took some basic sewing lessons, and bought some books. If I buy the largest size, I wonder if I can transform it into a feminine, slouchy top or maybe even a skirt. Either way, must have this design!

You know it’s going to be a good day when there’s a cmdixon shirt on Shirt.Woot!

How about making a t-shirt quilt.

Or even a pillow. I LOVE the idea of tees as pillows.

cmdixon, you have made me sooo happy to see this print. It’s gorgeous!

I disagree. If this shirt were the orange of the fish, or the green of the pad, or that yellow streak, I would be all over it. Even with a colorful design, the last thing I need is another gray tee.

Hey, great to see a new tee from Chris! This would look excellent on a journal too, future plus sale please.

Yay ! Amazing work Chris!

I completely agree…the design is beautiful but on a gray shirt? Hmmmmm…

Stay classy, Woot.

You’ve read my mind…I came here to comment on what a lovely LINED journal this would make :slight_smile: hint hint

I can see why they wanted it to pop.