Fountains & Lighting & Bears, Oh My!

had the three light set, confirmed it was shipping. now the orders denied. thanks woot.

looks like I’ll really know when I actualy bought something is when I’m holding it in my hands.

How are these table lamps and floor lamps outdoor lights?
Are the bulbs sealed in weatherproof enclosures?

Same thing happened to me! First time in over 8 years shopping Woot! Very disappointed :frowning:

I just have a question. Does this require an outdoor outlet or does it have to be directly wired. I didn’t see a cord which would imply an outlet.

Which item are you asking about?

Received my Sherwood fountain today… All set up and I absolutely love it! Thanks woot!

I have the outdoor floor lamp, purchased from MyHabit. It has been out in rain and none the worse for wear. The biggest draw is that the shades are hand washable. The bulb is like any outdoor bulb, it will break if knocked over. The design slightly protects it, but it isn’t totally ‘caged’.
It’s really beautiful, and perfect when you need more than deck or patio lights.
While it isn’t clear in the description, it comes with not one but 2 shades, one solid one print. They are cloth that stretches on.

For the first time in for-eh-verrr, Woot! decided to “decline my payment.” Well, that was their excuse, anyway, for denying my order for 3 sets each of the deck lights and the spotlights!

Funny thing is, shortly after their “denial” I used the same payment method without any problem …

Customer service was completely helpLESS, too, with their canned reply to my issue!

Don’t mind me, just pacing back and forth waiting for shipping notice on my order.

And 8 business days pass with no shipping notice.

And business day 11 draws to a close, no shipping notice, no reply from CS.

Jeez, I’m so sorry for the delayed response. Have you tried using your order number to ‘Track by Reference’ on FedEx or UPS’ websites? If you don’t find anything there, please let me know.

Just checked FedEx & UPS - nothing using the order number as a reference. (There was a hit for mail innovations, but that info was sent to them 5/8… can’t be my order.)

The other half of the order already arrived it was shipped with Prestige, and that is a PITA to track as the account page makes it look like a link… that doesn’t do anything when you click it. I saved an email from CS with the website that can track those.

I missed the little bear statues the other time they were up, I managed to snag the last 2 this time. I was excited… now not so much. Growing worry that I’m going to get the oh we’re so sorry, have a refund email.

Hey cubbiemi, sorry for the delay. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

TT & manhandsha - the following rage is not directed at you personally, please don’t take it as such.

"I am so sorry to hear that your item still has not arrived. Unfortunately, we do not have any more of these in stock. I have issued a full refund, which should post to your account within 3-5 business days.

We apologize for any inconvenience. "

So let us recap.
You offered an item for sale you did not have.
You accepted money for an item you did not have.
You kept my money paid to you for the item you did not have, until I decided to ask where the goods I paid for were.
You might get around to returning my money in 3-5 days.

What part of this seems acceptable on ANY level?
12 business days for you to figure out you took money for an item that you did not have.
Had I not pushed the issue, I’d still be waiting.
Why does a customer need ThunderThighs &/or manhandsha to make CS actually answer the email I sent?

Accepting money for items you do not have… pretty sure there is a tort for that.

TT &/or manhandsha (because I got multiple CS emails today) Thank you. I’m sorry that the company you work for is in such a shambles that you have to bear the brunt of the well deserved anger from customers the company can’t be bothered to serve honestly.

I’m not going to make the ever popular I’m never shopping here again speech, but my desire to continue using Woot! (an Amazon travesty) is really declining. I’ve passed on some items I wanted to buy because of things just like this happening.

Order 3 get shipped 1 and the ever popular oh we don’t have any more let me issue you a refund in 3-5 days.

Tracking numbers that no one can be bothered to update the website to handle.

Selling items you don’t actually have to sell.

When you have to refund a customer hundreds of dollars not once, not twice… maybe just maybe there is a problem that needs to be addressed? Is CS not talking to the boss? And if they are why are they still the boss if they can’t do the job. Perhaps it might be time to find someone in a position of power that understands if you screw customers you are ruining the business.

Yes I might just be 1 customer, but the VERY long list of emails between me & CS and the amount of refunds issued to me either show a failing system or that I am just one of the unluckiest Wooters ever. I’ve not been struck by lightning… so that leaves…

Oh and if I am lucky I can still go buy these directly from Design Toscano for almost the same price I paid here… I should have just paid the extra shipping in the first place.

They refunded the item that DID SHIP, but not the more expensive items that didn’t ship.

I asked about statues.
I posted in a thread where I purchased statues.
And they refund the OTHER item that did ship, arrived, and I didn’t ask a single thing about.

TT can you PLEASE for the love of all that is holy find me SOMEONE who can actually read the things I write and notice multiple items under a single order number?

Perhaps someone NOT on the CS team, because they seem incapable of parsing the question - where are my statues. I guess that inflatable ducks look totally like a resin statues of a bear.

I am not going to email CS again.

I expect to hear from someone at woot, you have my email address.

I expect the correct amount will be refunded, and I would LOVE an explanation of how this entire episode isn’t normal and will never happen again. I would enjoy laughing in their face.

Oh and for bonus points, perhaps someone might want to see if subroland got the statue they paid for. Given how well this transaction has gone for me, perhaps you managed to burn down subroland’s home rather than deliver the item.

When is Woot going to get the Design Craft 60502 Solar Deck 5-Light Set back? The last time my order got cancelled.