Four Classmates



Does this have something to do with Harry Potter?




Harry Potter anyone?



***** dies.

Actually in total, 51 significant characters die in the series. Sad.

Seriously though, I love this shirt and I’m buying it. Grats!


It’s nice to see an original take on the series of the potter shirts around the net.


I’m concerned. Those little animal wizards look a bit young to be conjuring up alcohol.


butterbeer isn’t alcohol


Very timely design, and extremely well executed too. I know nothing of Harry Potter, but I knew that this was a Harry Potter shout-out right away. Thus, I give a congratulatory shout-out to Stardamsel on the print!


Great design! Absolutely love it! Cute + HP = Win in my book


Oh… another Harry Potter shirt…


Can I just say that I love the Hufflepuff carrying the plant (a fanged geranium I think)?


Must buy even though I shouldn’t!!!


YAY! :smiley: happy little jig Thanks so much to everyone who voted – May you wear these wee wizards proudly!


They are pretty freakin adorable. You just wanna squeeze the life out of them


Accio, shirt!


Cute. And if that had been an eagle, I think I would’ve bought it.


yes, noticed that too…nice touch.


Totally. Will it ever stop… Probably not


“the cutest lil’ Horcrux ever!” = The cutest condition description ever.