Four Out Of Five Monsters Agree

Pretty sexy.

this is TOO hilarious :slight_smile:

Is this dark green or light green?

ooooh…almost but not quite. I’ve got a few too many green shirts already.

reminds me of Doom II (the monster, not the brush)

umm a little bright for my taste… goodnight.

ugly as a mofo

A monster brushing his teeth and no mention of the Cavity Creeps?

I’m confused. how is this supposed to be funny?

I want to wear this next time I go to the dentist.

well the reference was implied at least:

“We Prevent Holes In Teeth”

c mon… stop it now with these kind of shirts for teenagers…

we want Cool shirts not DUMB COOL! please? gg k thx.

Amusing, but I’m not buying any more until I get the two woot shirts I already have on the way and see if this American Apparel crap is even wearable.

Heh. I’d probably wear it but I’m not sure I can justify spending $10 on it.

Better than last night’s but not for me.

I really like this, but I’m still waiting for Sputnik. I try to make it a rule not to buy a second shirt while the first is still in transit.

The bristles in the toothbrush are made from the monsters own hair.

BTW - Great shirt if you ask me.

i dont really like this shirt. I personally thing its fugly…

but im still waiting for woot to tell me where my chicago skyline shirts are… tear

pretty funny… but i dont see me wearing it… pass… and wait for the derby… which the fog of war looking awesome so far…