Four S’mores and Seven Weenies Ago

great color/art scheme, a nice mix of Scoutish (former Girl Scout so green’s my scout color) and classic.

I turn green just looking at the shirt color…

First thing I thought? Green Bay Packer tailgating shirt. :slight_smile:

It’s a shame what happened to him with John Wilkes Bear. You’d think that The Great Emancipator would’ve learned to put his food in a bag tied up in a tree.

Abe, you dork, pull your socks down. I know you’re really really old and all, but seriously.

I see product placement!


There’s no African American kids at this camp out, must have been before the Civil War.

First thing I thought was the Venture Bros episode with the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.

Ghost Lincoln telling a ghost story around the camp fire! OOOoooOOOoooOOO!

…our frankfurters brought forth a new campsite…

Ole Abie’s eyes look a little crazy…are you sure the story isn’t about zombies? It could be a retelling of the Gettysburg Address…you know, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, by Jane Austen and some person who was able to squeeze zombies into it.

When I first saw this shirt I confused Abe Lincoln with a leprechaun, because of the kelly green color of the shirt. Please forgive me Abe!

Spoiler: He never earns his play appreciation badge.

are the marshmallows spiked with muscle relaxers and ADHD medicine?

Enough of these silly camp fire tales, did I ever tell you the completly true tale about the campers that meet Lincoln on old Green Belt lake? Their fire turned green that night and who would it be but good old President Lincoln shambling out from the forest… His leg crooked at the foot making a shooof shoof shooft noise as he dragged it on the ground. No this isn’t a zombie story Timmy, sit down.

Never trust a scoutmaster with a top hat.

Did Abe use Lincoln Logs for kindling or is that considered cheating in the scouting world?

Well, I’m sure his stories beat counseler Washington’s lame stories about ghostly cherry trees and possessed wooden teeth.

Maybe Abe is telling them the story about how someone shot his hat.

At least that cherry tree was put to good use (except that was George Washington, wasn’t it? Who doesn’t get that one confused?).