Fox Fall

Fanciful foxes fall flipping frantically!

(Congrats on the win, Patrick! :))


can not get one more black shirt. how about some color options. like the light blue or tan or something besides black. we aren’t all 18 - 25 yr old guys you know. some of us are women of a more ‘mature’ age. i love this shirt but black? can’t do it.

The color is brown in my universe.

Congrats to the artist! Another great shirt!

(Myself, also of an age, do like the black or other dark shirts. So I guess its an eye of the beholder thing. Although I do enjoy greys and silvers, but not for this one.)

Are the standard shirts pre-shrunk? If not, how much shrinkage is there?

Love! So glad this won!

Good news! It’s not on black. It’s brown.

I don’t consider them as such. The standard Anvil shirts losing 3" in length after a trip through the dryer is not unheard of. Even line dried, they shrink.

Under ETA #5, I posted some numbers in the Goodbye once more, American Apparel thread.