Fox Maiden

Congrats, Bass. :3

Somebody close Bass’ blinds! I’ve heard before that her victories lead to her dancing around in her underwear.

The hidden fury of the furry.

Congrats. Cool graphics I should say…

Cute firefoxy, but needs more Russian thought controlled missiles

I’m on it.:slight_smile:

Conflagurations Bass!

I had a feeling that you’d get a printing.

Insert required “What a foxy lady” joke.

I’m proudly wearing this shirt to the office next Friday on casual day. I’m a man that’s comfortable rocking pink. Helz Yeah !!

Congrats Bass. Well Deserved. This is a lovely design.

Yay! Bass! Big Congrats! i glad you made it!

I’m glad this got a shirt. It’s too good not to.

NO…touch not the blinds…we congratulate thee Bass (and nice undies, too).

Shut up, I wanna see if it’s true.

I can’t tell if her back is all tatted up, but I’d not diss her 'cause if she were real, it still looks great. Outstanding work!


Uh. Wouldn’t a fox maiden just be called a vixen?

Not a big fan of the cream color on shirts, but it is an amazing print.

I’ll probably sleep on it until the last second.

That’s probably why she hasn’t posted her dancing cat *.gif yet. :slight_smile:

Congrats Bass! I wish I could draw 1/3 as well as you do.