Fox Nouveau

In your face Internet Explorer! Lets see somebody make a cool shirt using only a blue e.

It’s firefox, I get that, but what am I missing? Or is this just one of those being pretty just for the sake of being pretty shirts.

Vulpix evolving into Ninetails!!!

It’s done in the Art Nouveau style which is inspired by natural forms, especially in plant life.

Think Guimard’s Metro entrances in Paris.

The derby was about internet through art history, so it looks to be a Firefox piece done in the Art Nouveau style.

Thrilled to see this print! Voted for it and everything. Stayed up waiting to see what was first…and yay, managed to get first sucker!!!

Life IS good!

“Bio text”

Quite the bio, I guess we all know all there is to know about Ramyb.

Yeah, pretty much. Although, it might just be me, but I feel like the artist write up stuff hasn’t been as lengthy or polished as it has in the past. Not trying to knock whoever is doing the writing, just that it seems a bit off lately/not quite as good as it could be.

Anywho, I never quite got the whole Internet Explorer vs. Firefox rivalry thing that goes on around the internet. Some one care to enlighten me? Or is this just one of those hipster memes?

Thanks Everyone, who responded. I don’t always follow the derby week to week. It’s a real pretty shirt anyways.

“Don’t wear this shirt: in Redmond.”

Thanks for the warning but I lived on the Bellevue side of the street!

IE is notoriously awful. From a web design point of view, you always have to include ridiculous workarounds in your code to accommodate IE (at least older versions). It’s known for rendering pages differently than most other browsers. Firefox came along with lots of sexy plugins and bells and whistles, and didn’t break the internet, so people welcomed it.

Now, IE 9 is pretty slick if you ask me, and I find Firefox kind of clunky. I’m an Opera man myself.

Awwww heck. Y’all have seen Ramy’s bios so much, you can probably write it yourself. :tongue:

I sent in a note to the writer. It’ll be tomorrow after they wake up though.

So what, is there nothing left to say about ramyb? Has he been all bio-ed out?

I dropped IE for Firefox loooooong time ago. Have since dropped Firefox for chrome. Sorry Firefox. Don’t know what happened but you got clunky. Still, I love the foxy character. I’m really digging how ramyb made the tail look all glowy.

Bright. Bit grim on the write up.

OH WHY OH WHY OH WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY must you taunt me with your Anvil shirts of horribleness?

This is adorable. Throw it on a hoodie someday (a real hoodie please, not the lightweight ones) and I will be right there buying one.

Did someone tell the writer if he didn’t press every key on his keyboard repeatedly that his computer was rigged to explode?

Had to be done.

jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz

I can’t be the only one who clicked on your text to see if you had been woot-fitlered.