Fox Pocket

Silly Falling-Fox, that’s not how you use the hole Scissors-Fox made for you! You’re supposed to use it like Watcher-Fox and Rump-Fox!

What? You say he made it too low? On purpose? Nah, he wouldn’t do that! His buddy Waving-Fox totally vouches for him on this. Maybe you are just clumsy.

No, no no. He’s not out to get you! That thing with the star costumes? That wasn’t Scissors-Fox! The line broke on its own. It wasn’t cut. Just look at it closely and you’ll …

… Oh my god maybe you’re right. Maybe he just likes seeing you fall. I mean, you give such a great reaction from it. That’s why you’re Falling-Fox!

(Also, this shirt is great for attending conventions in. So much real-estate for clipping on badges! :D)

That’s what the little fox gets for chewing a hole in the pocket!

Will he be okay if he does a barrel roll on the way down?

The barrel roll is to dodge enemy fire. Seems he failed at that part. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, you (yes, you), if it’s not pop culture, it’s the dark dark laughs of the innocent in peril. And yet so cute…

Yay for sequels!

We met these cute lil guys in Vulpa Major.

Then again in Bok Bok Party Wok.**

ETA - almost missed Patriotic Partying!**

Another great addition!
(**In fairness, these foxes are different)

Rest in peace, Little Fox. It is a good thing this shirt was made… now we’ll be able to recount the very moment you fell to your death. Your expression… your fear… your despair.

I do believe that despite what the writeup says, there are 5 Foxes, not four.

Yep 5, two out the top, one looking out the center, one with just the tail showing, and one falling.

This shirt wins on the cuteness factor alone.

OH EM GEE. Thanks guys!

Also big thanks to TobiasAmaranth for requesting the foxes to come back for this derby. :smiley:

while I do agree that it appears that way, technically there are only 2 other tails showing so the one in the center could just be bent really weird

And when I wear this shirt with my star fox vulpa major lightweight hoodie, it’ll be falling foxy in 3D. :smiley: Will that make me a doubly bad person for having the same poor foxy falling twice over, once on my front side and once on my back?

I don’t think foxes bend that way. 0_o That seems…painful. I’m thinking there’s got to be 5 there. The unnamed foxy.

I have soooo been waiting for a Shirt I really like and that’s it. So Cute!

Really thought there was gonna be a Foxhole joke in here somewhere… I’m dissapointed

Still don’t get the foxes but I can’t complain.

If they had multiple tails, I would have bought it.

I was hoping this would be about the aphrodisiac Mr Burns had made from the pocket fox. “A rare species that only existed for 3 weeks in the 16th century.”

FableFire! You’ve done it again with those cute foxes! I’ll definately be wearing this to the next convention I go for, not because it has room for badges, but because your shirt Vulpa Major ( got so many “Aww that’s so cute” reactions when I wore it around RMFC.

OH MY WORD!!! IT WON FIRST PLACE!! YES YES YES! I will totally be buying this shirt…unless a bout of procrastination or parent displeasure hits…