Foxes Say NO

I knew this would win. Congrats again Fablefire.

I think my reaction has slid from that of the second fox to that of the fourth fox.

Make it stop, please? Pleeeeease stop asking me that question, old ladies and cashiers. Please?

YAY \o/ I was hoping this would win cause I love it so much!

LOL GREAT shirt! “Just say NO to stupid questions”, fox-style

502 votes!

This shirt is kind of bashing the artist’s own success, which makes it even funnier.

IKNOWRIGHT?!? That’s like, twice what normally ends up in first!

Hope this comes out in a hoodie, too!
Must add more to my fablefire collection!!

I knew it!!! Congrats!

So I bought my niece and nephew the shirts last Christmas, and now I have this fox shirt to wear with them. Muhahaha.

Yes, PLEASE make it stop.

So much angsty energy

What I’m hoping is that the “What are those foxes saying” and this shirt will stay buddy buddy throughout the year in the top 20. Make it happen internet. That would be the greatest way to really celebrate the spirit of the snark derby.

Also those two particular shirts would make a great couple’s set of shirts to wear…

Thanks everyone!

Nice writeup too! :smiley:

If memes are the fourth circle, and reddit the fifth… what is the sixth? I’m assuming the 7th is /b/.

That emoticon… it does not mean what you think it means.

I kept thinking the second fox should have been doing a “Talk to the paw,” gesture from that position, but I bought one anyway. Great shirt!

I will commence with my 96th woot and buy this shirt to go against the “What are those foxes saying” shirt my daughter wears all the time.

Fablefire rocks - one of my first Woots was “You have to try this guys” and I wear it to Easter egg hunts every year. With 2 new spares in the closet, I can keep the tradition going for years.

Finally it is here! A perfect reflection of my disdain.