Yeah hoodie ftw

What is this, the predecessor to firefox? Like, kindling-fox?

It’s falling foxtastic! Ohhh hoodies! Finally some warm season wear from woot!

As a German minor, I find this description’s fast-and-loose usage of German to be inaccurate and offensive.

Plus, everyone knows that “Shirtoberfest” is derived from Middle Low German, anyways.

hoodies!! awesome.
We need some long sleeve shirts woot!

It is too bad this isn’t a zip up hoodie, as then you could wear the short sleeve shirt peeking out from under it. That might be what they call “meta”

For some reason this reminds me of a Pokemon. Please don’t take that as an insult.

My eyes may be once again deceiving me…but even so, that hoodie looks to me black rather than brown. Anybody know for certain whether the hoodie’s on brown or black?

Not that there’s anything wrong with brown. Or black.

nice brush with an Autumn breeze

Last name: Fox
Birth Month: October

Hoodie insta-buy

Thanks for the birthday gift woot!

I do contend the back of the shirt should have the back of the fox. Regardless, I bought it in hoodie form anyway.

Must get 1; want to be a true Foxy Lady. (Jimi would have thought so.)

That would be tinderfox.

Is this hoodie what the woot gods meant with my random coupon, when they said “something special might just show up next week”? I was wondering about that. Yay! I’d definitely buy a hoodie or even a long-sleeved t-shirt at some point!

Love the Hoodie idea. I bought two, but the largest hoodie is a 2XL, I hope they fit. I generally get the 3XL shirts.

Looks like both the shirt and the hoodie are black…

Mozilla’s Firefox has ruined foxes for me forever. Every time I see one on an object, it just seems like a plug for the browser.

Love the hoodie option, please continue this!

Hoodies? Has woot finally realized that not everybody can wear t-shirts year round?!?

I guess we’ll see.