Foxy Foxes

If only they weren’t on Anvil. I really do like Unexpected Error.

Nothing for me here to buy. The Fox Pocket tote is neat but what I need most is GitD Vulpa Major on a LW Hoodie. I need a backup copy. :open_mouth:

As an Asian-ethnicity fox furry, I can’t resist. :frowning: Fox Pocket Tote + Bok Bok Party Wok (which I’d missed).

Just curious - why is Anvil a deal-breaker? Is it a quality issue? Sizing? Really thinking about picking up this “Playful Foxes” design…

“Playful Foxes” is being offered on a jersey zip hoodie in this sale. (It is available as a T in the All Designs catalog.) Some people prefer the fit and feel of the old AA blanks, others like the Anvil. There’s been lots of discussions about the differences in other threads.

Here’s one of them:
Anvil Change Thread

Since the design you want is not on a T, the Anvil/AA thing isn’t really an issue… order away!

I’d personally be more likely to purchase an Anvil product than an AA product. Not only does the owner of AA have terrible biz practices, abuse his employers. Many issues with sexual harassment etc. Supporting anyone that supports violence against women (or people in general) is not cool.

And while Anvil’s media presence isn’t in the limelight as AA’s is. Their being a union, albeit international one bodes better.

Besides AA’s shirts never fit correctly. Even as an XS (size 2)woman, I purchase a size I should fit and I feel like I’m wearing a toddler shirt. Anvil fits accurately.

AKA FABLEFIRE (and friends) plus sale.

I think this is the relevant thread for the diversionary topic at hand here. In any case, it’ll be up to the Wooter on whether any of this matters or not.

Expanding on a prior comment in this thread, the Jersey Zip Hoodie is made in Pakistan and supplied by Tultex. Again, it’ll be up to the Wooter to say whether this is something that affects their purchasing decision or not.